It’s On. (Like Donkey Kong)


Life has its moments – moments of whimsy, inspiration and moments when things just plain suck. Somewhere in the midst of all of that (and honestly the suck part is not all that bad), I decided it was time. Time to stop just being a voyeur of all the great, fun, satirical, wise, innovative, sparkling, creative blogs and figure out a way to put words and pictures and maybe a twist of fun into my own blog and see where I go.

November 1. Where to start? A New Do. Went to Butterfly Loft this morning to see Nonie.  I have naturally curly hair that is certainly manageable, but because I’m an obsessive runner/worker outer, I like quick and manageable thus, I do indulge in the Brazilian Blowout.  I know there’s a ton of controversy around it, but hey, it works. and hey, it lasts 5+ months for me.  So really, two times a year…you’re going to tell me that I’m going to die….have a conversation with the people that stuff cancer sticks in their mouth 5+ times a day.

Anyway, didnt do the self portrait pre-do (still getting used to this idea of blogging), but here’s the “Fresh out of the salon” look.

The wash is tomorrow – post 8 mile run.  (Yes, I’m training for a marathon – my first ever!)  Will post the air-dry look tomorrow.



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