Where the Wild Things Are.


I’ve gone mad.  Or wild.  Or  something like that.

So, I have a MAJOR secret, and I really want to spill the beans…

but I can’t dammit.  Crap I hate when this happens.  It’s like Christmas when I buy you a really amazing gift (yes sister, it’s the gift that I also bought myself) and I cannot wait to tell you so I do.  Or I try not to but it makes me crazytown. So today is like that day.

But it’s coming. {I promise}

With that, today started out regularly with a jog in the hood with the smoochers – er dogs.  CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH that daylight savings is almost here?   I’m darn tired of running in the dark – not for safety reasons because these pups pack a mean punch. Actually they’re probably more afraid of the dark than I am.  But honestly I’m tired of focusing on the ground.  Even with a light, I feel like I have to watch every step so that I don’t trip on roots, cracks, curbs etc. And of course I have to worry about Where the Wild Things Are – you know, the sounds, the creeks and sometimes the crazy peeps that pop out of bushes.

Really though…. The way I see it, I can run in the dark in the morning, or run in the dark at night.  Honestly, I’m a one shower a day kinda girl so morning’s where it’s at.

Getting closer to the Half in SB on the 12th so this should be an easy weekend – i.e. 6-8 miles, but I just signed up to participate in World Run Day on Sunday.  Also committed myself to 12.  SO there goes that.  Body will have to live.

Anyone else doing SB? or World Run?   How do you manage Running in the Dark? 

Off to Lemonade for luncho.  My first time….even the “under construction” site makes me want to go.


And then it is MAJOR SECRET time for me.  {you later}.



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