Real Fuel. Brussels and Bacon.


Friday and Sunday called for Rain.  Nothing like waking up to rain – especially at 5am.  Dogs were freaking so we had a family slumber party in the bed.  This is something that is totally unusual and rare – like I ever let the dogs on the bed – please.  It is why the Mr. loves me so much.  He loves having his king size bed compromised by two.large.rambunctious.wet nosed.furballs.  Le Sigh.

Rain to me, beyond a perfect way to take in a run, (seriously I’m weird like this), means time to cook real food  I’m not one of those runners who fuels on Gu, Gels, Bars, Shakes and Powders.  I. Need. Real. Food.  And good food at that. Enter Brussels Sprouts, Bacon and Apple.   Even the Mr. Swoons for these.  {Seriously}.


I promise you will totally love these. Bacon Fan or not. Brussels Fan or Not.  I’m sure you like apples, right? Here’s how you get to DT. {Delicious Town}.

5 Strips Bacon cut into 1/2 in. strips (We prefer Center Cut)

5 Pints Brussels Sprouts halved

1 Extra Large Fuji Apple cored and diced

Coarse Salt and Pepper to taste

Olive Oil

Brown Sugar to Taste

Oven at 425*.  Place bacon in a single layer in a pan and bake about 10 minutes until browned.  Add Brussels, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper to taste.  Roast for about 15-20 minutes until they start to brown.  Add diced apple and Roast for another 10-15.

Sprinkle with a smidge of Brown Sugar and Serve.

Seriously. You’ll Die.


{Salted, Peppered & Oiled}

{Sweet and Savory}


Seriously enjoy.  And let me know what you think.

Question:  What are some of your favorite Real Fuel recipes?



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