I Run Because I Brush My Teeth


One of the questions I got asked the other day by a non-runner of course is “Why on earth do you run?” and “Why do you like it?”

Growing up, I was the kid that went from school to soccer practice, to swim team, to tennis and then to the backyard to play.  Much to my parent’s delight (and chagrin), I was forever active.

{thanks Mom for all the carpooling and Dad for all the cheering}

A day without activity was like forgetting to brush my teeth.  A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  And quite smelly too.  How could you forget the two things that made you feel so Fresh and so Clean!

As I transitioned into college life, team and organized sports were not something that I was explicitly interested in.  Football Games, Fraternity parties, BEER, and squeezing in classes all trumped going out for the Varsity Soccer team.  There was something in that commitment to a Varsity sport that no longer appealed to me – I wanted some freedom.  Thank God, I still wanted to be So Fresh and So Clean.

The open road became my option.  What started as gorgeous fall runs through the Arboretum turned into icy cold runs through the snow and eventually spring runs as the sun was just starting to poke through the grey skies in the open roads of Michigan.  This was my freedom, this was my time to explore – myself and the world around me.  And here’s what I’ve learned along the way – both why I run and why I love it.  You get it.

  • I Run because I brush my teeth
  • I Run for my Spirit
  • I Run for Freedom
  • I Run to Live
  • I Run to Clear my Head
  • I Run to Explore
  • I Run for Energy
  • I Run to Smell the Roses
  • I Run to be Alone
  • I Run for my Dogs
  • I Run for Strength
  • I Run because it makes me a Better Partner
  • I Run Because I Can

{Why Do You Run?}



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