Washed Up Running Rockstar


This weekend is big – really big for me.

Santa Barbara International 1/2 Marathon on Saturday

Front Runners Get Fit & Be Fit 10k on Sunday

While this may not seem to be an extraordinary feat for those seasoned runners out there, for me this is pretty big.  You see just 2.5 years ago, this was me.

Beat Up and Busted

Yeah, yeah, you laugh (I laugh).   The oxygen mask, wheelchair and busted sling – oh and the fact that the ski patrol had to rescue me off the side of the mountain – and the fact that I got to ride in one of those “i’m super cool because I suck at snowboarding ” red sleds down the side of the mountain while the HOT ski patrol man has to snow plow down.  Yeah.  So. Not. Cool.

A weekend of trying to be a rockstar quickly proved me to be  a washed up rockstar.

Turns out, I shattered my wrist and severely herniated L5-S1 disc.  NO BUENO. Double NO BUENO when I herniated the disc again after the first surgery (they think I sneezed). So I was back to the ER again.  And now I rock a double wide.  Scar that is.

Bionic Wrist

10mm Herniation

The wrist was lame, but I got a lot of street cred when I went to Aspen the next weekend for the X Games.  It was a bummer I couldn’t shred the mountain, but it was the right kind of injury for that crew.   The back was way worse.  It was an injury that had potential to heal on its own, but instead it went the opposite way.  I won’t relive the hell on earth I lived, but it was hideous.  dark dark days.

I didn’t think that running was in my future EVER EVER again.

Fast Forward 2.5 years later, this is a big weekend.

I’ve trained, I’m prepared, I’ve taken the slow and steady road back to fitness.




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