Back to Back. Get Fit Be Fit 10k Recap


If you can’t beat em, join em. 

The main boulevard in my neighborhood was closed on Sunday morning for Brentwood athletic store FrontRunners‘ “Get Fit Be Fit 5 & 10K” event.  If you’re a local runner and haven’t been to this store, it’s genius.  These guys are like Shoe Doctors and have consistently recommended the right shoe for my foot (and body) year after year.  Plus they have a sister store two doors down with the best running gear.  Who knew my wallet would be so lucky to have FrontRunners (and Lululemon) in walking distance.

I highly encourage you to go visit them if you’re serious about Running. 

Packet pickup was easy and organized.  Each runner got a fancy tech shirt and a bunch of FrontRunners coupons.  (Mine will be used in mere days)

So, no where to go, figured I’d join in on the fun.  After a fantastic Santa Barbara International Half Marathon on Saturday, Sunday was all about recovery and taking it easy.  I recruited my friend T and we headed down the road for a Sunday Morning run ‘n chat. 

T and A

T was smart and brought sunglasses to hide the tired face.  Alas, I’ll learn one day and stop taking such tired looking photos at 6:45a

About 600 people crowded the street for the inagural “Fun Run”, the race was meant to raise money for a couple of local charities. They also had a ton of sponsors – I noticed New Balance, Brooks and Nike among others.  Since I’m always wooed by shoes, these are the ones my early morning brain recalled.  Nike even offered to let you demo shoes in the race.  Pretty Sweet.  I stuck to my NB’s figuring that the day after a Half was not the day to test out new kicks.

Get Fit and Be Fit was well organized, the volunteers were awesome, the course was nice and flat (perfect for my recovery) and the weather was pretty much perfect. 

{They even had orange slices after the race!}

Plus, I had one of my besties alongside and we had a perfect hour to have a total gabfest. Heart You.

Thanks FrontRunners LA for putting on the event.  I’ll certainly be back next year.




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