Total Domination: Santa Barbara International Half Marathon Recap


Well, I did it.  I DID IT. I DID IT. I DID IT.

{and it felt so good}

Finish Line

Mr. and I woke up at 4a and left the house around 4:30a with large mugs of coffee and some pre-race snacks for me, pre-nap snacks for him.  We cruised up there…good thing I could not see the speedometer, but we were in SB a mere 1:09 minutes later. UH WTF lead foot!  So I had some time to chill, stretch and use the billion port-a-potties. {Thank You}

The race began promptly at 7:45a.

MF DRE Ready to Go

Note the Customizable Race Number. Loved It.

I started with my friend G – we knew we’d get out of the gates together and then meet up after the race.  She was pacing to be about 2:25.

Me and G Pre-Race

I should consider a smidge of make-up maybe next time.  Brutal morning race face.

And we were off.  I felt great.  The first 5-6 miles were gravy. We ran through this awesome park along a bike path, across foot bridges, along a river and through neighborhoods.  It felt just like a morning jog through your neighborhood which gave it a bit of an intimate feel.  My pace felt quick, but not too quick.  I was hitting miles around 8:47 – 9. Definitely faster than my long training runs, but not too fast that I felt like I couldn’t hang on.

Miles 7-9 were on the roadside and were a bit hillier than I expected.  I tried to keep pace.  Had my first Clif Shot Block around Mile 7.5.  If you haven’t tried these, I kind of dig them – easy to chew, fairly tasty and easy to slip into a pocket.  I cut the package in half before I leave the house so I have 2 separate doses along a course and don’t have to try to figure out how to open them while running.

About Mile 9, they started to push us all to the right – apparently Speedy Gonzalez x 2 were upon us and the bike cops had to make room for the Elite Marathoners to make us all feel like turtles.  SLOW AS HELL.

And then we were all quickly  humbled once again by that MEGA hill.  Shoulda taken a pic, but then again might not have made it up.   Forever and a day later, I hit the top and felt the sheer joy of 2 miles downhill from there.  I made that hill my B*tch.   (Even SkinnyRunner Sarah said it was rough so I’m not lying.  Promise.)

Post Hill Euphoria

Miles 12-13 were this.

My legs were turning over somehow, someway, but I felt like my body was having a viscous, intense battle with the wind.  My last mile was a 7:30.  Felt like a 15:10, but I crushed it apparently.

My unofficial/unstated goal {that only the Mr. knew} was that I was hoping to come in under 2 hours.  And for me, that was probably going to be a push.  Well, I smashed it.


and that was after the mega monster hill.

Average pace 8:57.  Finished 331 out of all women.  Not bad for my first race back. I’ll take it.

The Mr. was waiting at the finish (post nap). We hugged it out, I might have shed a tear or two of joy and then we did what we do best.  Had a Margarita.

{MF Dre}


2 thoughts on “Total Domination: Santa Barbara International Half Marathon Recap

  1. Nicole @ Haute Running Mama

    Congrats girlie! Way to crush it!

    I had several friends that ran the half that said it was hillier than they expected. You killed it! YEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!


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