Sweet and Salty


Blessed to live in Southern California for so many reasons.



{Proximity to Mexico}

{Lakers Games – er. FAIL}

and so much more….

The Sun, The Snow, the proximity to MEXICO… these are just a few of the little things that make Southern California a part of my soul.  Yes this place is whack, and gets a deserved bad rap. Hello Real Housewives, you don’t help.  Neither does the 405

LA is an endless source of amusement – for better or for worse.

 But I kind of dig it. Like Sweet and Salt. Together of Course.

Speaking of SWEET and SALT, tonight we’re headed to YOGAHOP – the place to be for Type A’s who also think they should be (pretend to be) Yogis.  It’s another one of those GEMS that you don’t find in every city.  This class is an hour of intensity.  Like running a marathon while stretching the heck out of your body.  Have you ever seen a room full of downward dog where everyone is bobbing their heads to the music? Well, it happens here.

It’s the yang to my inner wanna-be yogi’s yin.

From their website:

YogaHop yoga offers a celebratory twist by featuring music of the hip-hop, rock and pop worlds jamming out of booming speakers, headset-microphoned teachers and all the energy of a dance party. The result is an East meets West yoga style that’s athletically fulfilling and spiritually soothing.

The YogaHop philosophy encompasses flowing yoga, exhilarating workouts, and rockin’ music to give you a life-altering experience.

All of our classes are taught in English, not sanskrit, are easy to follow and are athletically challenging.

Hip-Hop, Booming Speakers, Dance Party, Life-Altering Experience, and in ENGLISH?

Yes, it’s all true, and the Mr. and I are totally addicted. 

For the music fan, it’s mashup heaven. For the sweat crazed athlete, you get your SWEET SALTY sweat on {and some}.  For the person who doesn’t think yoga is a cardio workout… well you’re just wrong.

The instructors become your friends – like Cheers where everyone knows your name.

We’re not alone…Reese, Gwenyth, Gabrielle Anwar, yes, they’re all addicted too.

You need to go. Run. Don’t Walk. And Come Say Hi.

But don’t take my spot.

{MF Dre}


One thought on “Sweet and Salty

  1. Jennifer Ste. Marie

    A city that bolsters your bold approach to life. Endless sunny days and perfect weather (most days) allowing your sunny disposition to embrace life to the fullest. Save me a spot in your yoga class and of course along the beach path with the dogs for our next visit together. xo


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