Playing with Fire.


This may just have to be on the Thanksgiving to do list.

Pumpkin Smores Pudding.  Why Yes. Please.

The Mr. is in Mexico for the weekend for the Baja 1000.  {Um, What’s that?? followed by a quick No Thanks}

Opted to skip this one in favor of a single girl  weekend.

{Yes, Please.  Thank You}

Before he bolted out the door, we (I) shared a few rules of the game:

The Dogs will dominate your side of the bed. And I will permit it.  You may have a fight ahead of you to reclaim your 1/4 of the bed.

may take some liberties to help you rearrange your closet.  This will allow for more room for my clothes.

I will spend money on fancy bottles of wine, manicures and clothes. Because they’re necessary.

Do not blame me if the DVR feels overburdened and accidentally deletes Top Gear, South Park, American Pickers and god forbid Formula 1 News, Qualifying, Races or any other F1 related content. 

I know you love fireworks. When you decide to light up the night with 6″ mortars, I will not be forgiving if you come home with anything less than 10 fingers, 10 toes, a nose, 2 eyes, 2 ears, and 2 eyebrows.  And the need for a hearing aide won’t be ok either.

Playing with Fire may or may not have happened last time we were in Mexico.


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