One Year Ago Today, I met Everest.


At This Moment In Time Exactly One Year Ago,

This is Where I Was.

Mt. Everest Base Camp

{Me in the White Jacket}

My “Family Friend” K and I took a journey across the world to China and Tibet. 

(K – I can hear you laughing right now)

And It was a Journey. 


Thank Goodness that Journey Ended with Flowers.

K and I traveled to Beijing for 4 days and did it all.  Peking Duck, Great Wall (and a really rad bobsled down), Ming Tombs, Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square and Silk Market Shopping where I pretty much cleaned up.


We then decided to puncture our lungs, because you can’t breathe in Tibet anyway.          And spent a few days in Lhasa gasping for air as we walked 40 minute miles.              (Altitude 12,000ft).  No Joke.   We hired a private guide for our journey in Tibet and “Nam” pretty much hooked us up.  Jokhang Temple, Potata Palace, Sera Monastery, (and every other Monastery there).  Nam made sure that K and I received a personal blessing at each of the Monasteries so we would have some major Dalai Lama lovin’ and wishin’ for our journey.

We got used to not breathing and decided we needed a bigger challenge. Oxygen is for wusses anyway.   (In all candor, K and I are in great shape…this meant nothing in the altitude.  Breathing was downright rough).

So Nam took us to the open road, decided we could manage another 6,000ft. + elevation and headed us off to Mt. Everest. DISCLAIMER to any of you looking to go to Mt. Everest. There are no hotels, it is desolate, there are no planes to get you there, it is a long, windy, days-long, altitude sickness filled journey. 

But you get over very quickly.

{Untouched. I Swear.}

So I mentioned No Hotels.  Monasteries only.

Which means: No Heat. No Heat. No Heat. (and when you are there in November, this means Negatives). But the nuns are lovely.  They will cook for you and if you don’t prefer YAK, their options are limited, but they’ll still do their best. They were also more than happy to refill your plastic bucket of hot water for teeth brushing and hand warming purposes.

Pretty sure my pajamas included: Tights, Long Underwear, Socks, UGGS, Tank Top, Long Sleeved, Sweater, Fleece, Gloves, a Beanie and about 12 1-Ply blankets. Somehow I lost that photo.

Amazed that I didn’t freeze to death but still scared I would/could,  K forced me out of bed that morning for our final journey… a 10k trek to Basecamp of Mt. Qomolangma (formal name of Everest).   

K and I at the proverbial “Top of the World”

18,192ft. Elevation at the North Basecamp in Tibet

It was pretty surreal.  This post doesn’t even touch on the real journey we had.  Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and Mentally, K and I shared an incredible journey with one another, ourselves, the Tibetan people, and the earth.  Crazy to think that this was already a year ago.  Time really does fly.  But fun to remember today as the day I met Everest.
And to put a little more fun into this, we have a video.  Enjoy!

{MF Dre}



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