Saturday for Me. Please.


Wild Child Creator. (4 DIY Projects in the Works}  Obsessive Runner. (17 Miles, 2hrs 35 minutes)

Baker. (Homemade Pizza Counts, Right?)  Restaurant Goer. (Hungry Cat)

Saturday fulfilled a lot of Me. Please.  

Spent a few too many hours here today

and if you know my family, there is never just ONE  trip to the Depot.  There is usually two, and on special occasions we’ve been known to go back 3-4x.  We’re always inspired and want to be “fix it people”, but unfortunately we learned from the best (thanks Dad) and the only way to truly get the most out of HD is to go multiple times’re.actually.doing.

{or how}

we all have our talents. 

This time, the only reason I had to double down on the Depot was because they were out of stock on the paint I wanted and I had to go to another store to get it.  {I kind of feel like this means I’m Winning in the HD game}.

Now that I have all the supplies, I’m set to DIY-it over the Thanksgiving Break.  Fun days ahead.  

Got to work on this today.  I was gifted with these amazing Saint Grace pants for my birthday.  

If you like them, they’re currently available at Anthropologie. So Buy Them!

They were really really really too long.  At 5’8 I rarely have this problem. So we called up our friend who owns Saint Grace and he said take the scissors to the bottom of them – they’re purposely left unfinished so you can cut them to the length you like.  PERFECTO. {and they’re the most awesome pants ever now} 

So I had a bunch of extra fabric and didn’t want to toss it.  I remembered I had a great DIY project that involved old t-shirt material.  So I took a page from Make.It.Love.It. and now I have a bad hair day solver.  

{MF Dre}


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