The Hitching Post.


Last night we had a good laugh.  A really good one.

About 2 months ago, my Brother and my Barbie-In-Law (seriously mini-me version of the prettiest barbie you’ve ever seen) got married at a winery in Virgina.   She even had a horse drawn carriage….they make Princess Charming Barbie, right?

Last night they shared with us the pictures.

It was one of the most beautiful and most ridiculously FUN wedding bashes we’ve ever been to.  Seriously I got a cheek and an ab workout as we smiled, laughed and re-lived it via pictures last night.

And here’s the kicker.  Somehow my brother and Barbie-in-law must have figured out how to install rear-head cameras for the Bouquet and Garter toss.


Clearly we’re photogenic.

But look how happy this guy was that his date didn’t catch the bouquet?  Or maybe he’s just married and extra happy that someone else may join the bliss-crowd soon.

A fun fun fun night. Love you both. Bunches and Bunches.

{MF Dre}


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