Tuesday Things.




I’m Thankful that Tuesday is Friday.

Bared the freezing this morning and headed out for 5 Miles.  Sometimes I wish I liked running on the dreadmill, but really I don’t. At All. I’d much rather see my breath and have icicles form on my nose.  

Plus, I need to stay limber and ready for the XTERRA Topanga Turkey Trot on Thursday before I eat like it’s the last supper. I’m doing the 15k…not really sure what I signed myself up for.  Check out this elevation map.

I run the hills in the hood, but my version of a hill is a speed bump.  I guess I’ll have to create some sort of chant in my head to dominate these bad boys…something like “Bite.Me…er Pie.Me”  There we go…one hill = one slice of Pie.  So I’ll be good for the entire Pecan Pie. {With Ice Cream}

The Mr. hasn’t told me what we need to bring yet.  So I’ll be the last minute-er at Whole Foods fighting you for that last sweet potato, the can of pumpkin and those crispy fried onion in a can things.  I jest. But only about the crispy fried onions.

Time to get on to Tuesday. (FRIDAY!)

{MF Dre}

P.S. To all my Michigan friends, I think you’ll say HAIL NO! to this. Makes me want to boycott Victoria’s Secret forever. Or at least until the next sale.



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