November Showers Bring Flowers


November Showers Bring Pre-December Flowers. Don’t They?

The downpour that forced me inside last weekend created a project monster out of me and I’ve been ever since.

On the list was dealing with the flower situation {FAIL} on the balcony.

I’ve learned two things.

  1. Planter boxes are a playground for dogs when they’re left out there for more than a few hours
  2. I’m not that good at remembering to water plants so the less they require, the better

A few months ago the Mr. and I made a one-two punch trip to Home Depot to make some planter boxes for the balcony.  {The second trip was because we bought the wrong size screws, of course}.  I know you can buy these things easily, but being crafty, that just seemed like a cop-out.  We made them out at his workshop and it was super easy.  There are a ton of step-by-step instructions out there like these to help.

We loaded them into the car and Homie #1 swiftly made them his new home. 

A few short months later, the flowers we planted looked like this.  {Guess my planting skills are akin to my one-two punch Home Depot skills}.  Time for another round.

So today it.was.time.

Another trip to the depot, a smarter choice in plants, and a real watering can as opposed to the pint-size pitcher I was attempting to use.


Funny Fact: Succulents are also known as fat plants, since they retain water giving them a bloated look. 

Nice.  I get it.

So I took my fat plants, some fresh soil and a real watering can and made it happen. Round 2. 

Let’s see how long we can keep Homie #2 from eating them.

Busted. Already.

{MF Dre}


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