Yes, Mr. Wendal is Real.


Last night I came home to this

and this

Life must really be rough in the MF Dre house.

It’s been a week already {and as far as I can tell, it’s not going to get better until Friday at 6p}.

Whipped up some of the most amazing Greek 7 Layer Dip courtesy of Jessica. She also takes really amazing pictures like this one:

and began the Nightshift of working on the work. {Cue Commodores now}

Tried to hit the road for a wind whipping 5 Miles this morning. Seriously I think the winds were about 63mph and I wasn’t up for running like/against the wind so I wound up splitting the workout with the elliptical inside.

While outside though, I passed by Mr. Wendal (yes, I’m serious, he exists and is alive and well in Brentwood, CA) and his Poems To Go…Here, have a dollar, in fact no brotherman here have two.

His Poems were gone with the wind.  Luckily he had a trunk-full more. {Bum + Car = ????}

Loving It.

{MF Dre}



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