18 Down, Moving On.


18 miles loomed over my head this morning (last night too)

Do I go now? in 15? Maybe I wait 30 minutes?

I did 17 two weeks ago so what’s one.more.mile? Do you ever self sabotage? Doubt your ability to do something that you really can do? I felt it coming on and I gave myself a VERY swift kick in the pants and forced myself out of bed and on out the street.

Plus, I didn’t have all day. I have a friend’s Bridal Luncheon today at Culina in Beverly Hills. I’ve never been before but heard good things.

They’re mighty boastful on their site…There are Los Angeles Italian restaurants… and then there is Culina. Far beyond any Los Angeles dinner hotspot, Culina is an LA restaurant which offers something greater for the savvy gourmand.

We’ll see Culina.

Anyway, knocked out 18 miles in 2:50. NOT BAD. Averaged a 9:27 minute mile which was a really easy and comfortable pace. Listened to my iPod until it Died (about Mile 14) and kinda checked out from the world. Plus the view was ridiculous this morning. Reminds me why I live in southern california (and apologies in advance to those of you in the Midwest and East Coast). It’s December 3rd and here’s our weather today.

That doesn’t suck.

It was a long one, but I felt good. Moving On.

I’m off to this bridal lunch. Here’s a sneak at what I bought her…(she can’t possibly have time to read this in the next 30 minutes so I feel safe revealing it). It’s one of my favorite gifts that is not so secret anymore.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue….well this fits two.

the I DO Hanky Panky in Blue!

Hope you’re not embarrassed M!

{MF Dre}


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