DT Alert: aka Delicious Town


We’ve been complaining for a while that the Westside of Los Angeles needs more great restaurants.  Particularly in Brentwood/Santa Monica.  There are some old classics like Peppone & Georgio Baldi that have been here a lifetime (for good reason), some other long standers that just don’t deliver on a unique dining experience (Cheesecake Factory, CPK – blech) and then some newer ones that just don’t cut it. (Obama I know you had a big $38k/person dinner at Tavern, but really it’s not good).

So we’ve been thrilled that some new, unique restaurants have been cropping up around town.   Last night we had a date with  Milo and Olive a mere 2 days after they opened.

Milo and Olive is helmed by a duo native to Santa Monica, Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan.  The married/business partner duo are the forces behind one of Santa Monica’s best bakeries, Huckleberry, artisanal ice cream shop, Sweet Rose Creamery and one of LA’s top 10 “best burgers” at Rustic Canyon.

We were really excited to try this place out since we’re rabid fans of the other three. Seriously I am not sure a week goes by without a walk to Sweet Rose Creamery.  {We’re obsessed}.

We also wanted to see if this place would hit the DT list.  In our household DT = Delicious Town.  We have a little bit of an ongoing competition about which one of us can take the other to DT. Meaning, ridiculously amazing food – homemade, street food or from a restaurant.  So, did Milo and Olive have it?

The place is small – it probably seats 20 tops – and they don’t take reservations.  There are two communal tables and a small bar top area which overlooks an open and very busy kitchen.  The good of all of this is that, dining at Milo and Olive truly feels like an intimate, communal affair with neighbors and staff that feel like friends.

We waited about 45 minutes to eat with a glass of wine and while we waited, Josh passed around the most delicious fried artichoke dip appetizers.

{oops! I caught him mid-chew on a fried artichoke app}

We were seated at the bar and quickly became friends with the team behind the counter.  They recommended the

Roasted McGrath Farms Pumpkin with brown butter sage, buckwheat honey, and black pepper

Aqua Pazza – PEI mussels, Manilla clams, sweet shrimp, white wine, garlic and fresh herbs

and the

Mixed Mushroom Pizza – Fontina, Parmigiano Reggiano and thyme

Each dish got better and better.  In fact we were so overwhelmed by tastes, flavors and experience that we were tempted to be gluttonous and order another pizza despite our overly full stomachs.   Instead our arms were twisted and all of a sudden the most delicate, delicious, sweet and semi-savory Pear Tart was delivered to us.

We were done for.  This place is no joke.  It is DT – HANDS DOWN.

Josh and Zoe know what they’re doing and it’s clear.  Run to this place! And if the wait is too long for your tastes, at least wait for your takeout to be ready (or their soon to launch curbside service!).

The Mr. tried to wax poetic  and summed up our experience: “{eating at Milo and Olive} is like a tummy rub for a dog”.

Nice.  But I get it. {sorta}

{MF Dre}


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