Checking In. Checking Out.


Lately it feels like the days are turning into weeks, the weeks into months and it’s hard to believe how quickly time is flying.  Life has become the art of juggling and I was starting to feel like I was getting quite good at it until I realized I was focused on so many things that I was actually focused on none. { cue oranges and apples to now tumble to the floor}

What’s that expression – Jack of all Trades, Master of None? Something like that.

I’ve been dreaming about work (or dreaming that my arms are Dinosaur Bones – thanks to a certain someone and his obsession with American Pickers) , working to live,  running to train (and escape my own head)…and that is just the start of it. I’m burning the candle on both ends as most of us do during the Holiday season.  And the sad part about it is that I haven’t even started any of my Holiday things… le sigh.

As far as I can personally justify it, most of it is worth it and I am having a great time, but at the same time, my head is spinning. Feels like I’m winning and losing my own game of cerebral ping-pong.

And what I’ve realized – with some help – is that its time to reconnect.  To check in, and to check out.  I used to think multitasking was where it’s at.  (and still sort of do – hello Energizer Bunny), but there are times when I need to Check In to where I am and what I’m working on and then Check Out to Check In to the next thing.

Simple as it sounds, we all know it’s challenging.  We take on too much, commit to too many events and deadlines and are constantly re-prioritizing the myriad of things on our plate.

The first thing I’m doing is checking back in to my relationship.  {Hello Mr.}

While I haven’t really been gone, I’ve been semi-present.  You’ve been juggled {and I promise you’re not the bruised apple on the floor – caught you}

When you live with someone, it is easy to take your time together for granted.  You can be in the same room together, but totally separate working away on computers, TV etc.  While some of this comes with juggling work and life, one of the things we’ve found is that it is important that we carve the time out for our date nights like last Saturday night because they are an important part of our time together.  We make an effort to try new spots, spend time “just us” doing new things, exploring our own city and “projecting” together.  It doesn’t always mean spending money, in fact given the fact that we’re starting a new business and just bought ourselves a pretty awesome Christmas present (more to come on both of those), the budget is tight, so sometimes it just involves a long walk with the dogs to get Ice Cream at Sweet Rose or an evening hike.

We’ve got a few weeks to go while things continue to flurry around us/me, but lucky for you Mr., I’m taking about a bazillion and a half days off around the holidays, so there will be no shortage of “free” time.  Can’t wait to help with the business, have our first holiday party together and head to San Francisco for New Years!

{MF Dre}


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