Elements of Style


Since I’ve been out of college I’ve lived from apartment to apartment. The transient nature of apartment living has never really motivated me to create a place that feels more than an out-of-the-box home.  Certainly I’ve decorated, put things in proper places, framed pictures and even attempted to add some color to the walls, but I’ve never really invested in a “look” or in furniture that was representative of my style. Instead I’ve readily accepted hand-me-down antiques, furniture and easy fixes that hover a few notches above Ikea.

For the past 9 months, we’ve been living in our new place – I swear it’s the last apartment. Considering all things, it fulfills most of our required needs {we didn’t really know that having hallways resembling The Shining was something that should be added to the list of no-no’s}.

The difference this time is that we moved into this place with very little. We pre-weeded-out our junk and opted to slowly re-build vs. carry over the stuff that just.plain.sucked. We’ve had a hole in our dining room since we moved in.  Not wanting to cheap out on some piece of furniture we’d want to get rid of in 2 years, I’ve been patient in waiting to find the right piece at the right time. I wanted to invest in something that would last and that we’d enjoy entertaining friends and family around.

This past weekend we stumbled upon LiveStyle in Venice. LiveStyle is a beautiful furniture marketplace with hand selected furniture from around the world. I fell in love with the style, the presence and the attitude of this shop the minute we walked in.  It was a far cry from the modern furniture shops in the La Brea area, the overpriced trendy shops at the Helms Bakery and of course nothing akin to the more standard shops like Pottery Barn, West Elm and Ikea.

LiveStyle is eclectic and open, with interesting and colorful prints, textiles and shapes. Most of their furniture is globally inspired or produced as well giving it a unique look & feel that is hard to duplicate.

I think we hit jackpot and bankrupt (over budget) at the same time.

{Dining Room Table, Custom Chairs and a Ridiculously Cool wooden sculpture pretty much = Merry Christmas to Us}

Our table arrives today and we’ll be chair-less until Mid-February when our chairs get off the boat from Bali.  As for the sculpture, I really feel like you’ll have to see the whole thing together once we’re set up.

For now though, a sneak of what we’re excited about.

{Reclaimed and Rustic}

{Leather and Hide}

Can’t wait to share many memories around our table. Let us know when you’re free for dinner!

{MF Dre}

PS – please forgive the photos for a bit. My camera is in Canon heaven.  In the market for a new one.  Please send reccos for the best pocket size camera for capturing daily whimsies.


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