The Rules of Vegas.


When you throw a party for yourself, you certainly get to create the rules. So here’s the invite we received for the birthday this weekend.

{You’re invited to Birthday Extravaganzaness…}

I’ve secured a monster house for my 30th. It’s 10,000 sq feet, has 2 kitchens, 11 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a pool, hot-tub, 3 hole golf course, and more! It’s only 1 mile off the strip…


More Photos here.

Cost for each guest at the house is $0… Parking is also $0… HOWEVER, you must follow the rules:

Rule 1 – Birthday presents are not allowed. (Your presence is a present!) Anyone bringing a present will be promptly inserted into the swimming pool, and the gift will be destroyed. If you must fulfill your desire to follow tradition, then I will accept one back rub and two original compliments. (Repeat compliments will not be allowed. Anyone attempting to pass a repeat compliment as original will be promptly inserted into the swimming pool.)

Rule 2 – Anyone who wants to stay at the house must be willing to share a queen size bed with ONE other person. Because space is limited (kind of) it’s going to be first come first serve. (Insert reason we are driving up in this now) Also note that you do not have to stay at the house to join in the fun. Feel free to organize your own room if you want a little more peace and quiet.

Rule 3 – Anyone staying at the house is required to complete at least one round of golf while intoxicated (Note: pregnant women may be excluded from rule 3..) Anyone failing to complete rule 3 will be promptly inserted into the swimming pool.

What this all means, is that A) I should have slept more this week B) Since I’m not pregnant and nor do I have a clue how to play golf, I better break out my ION powered bracelet so I can blame it on the scam of the dumb bracelet rather than not knowing how to play or being intoxicated and C) What happens in Vegas will be reported on themfdre.

{MF Dre}


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