Whiskey Tango.


We’re heading out Clark Griswold style this weekend to Vegas for a friends big 3-0 and getting there in style…

You may have seen the Mr. in a coat and tails here, but he also rocks a little Whiskey Tango.

{white trash for those of you living under a rock}.
Yes friends, not only did I acquire a pretty sweet Homie #1

20111130-201923.jpgBut I also acquired this RV. Call me crazy but what?????

Yes, we’re taking this to Vegas.

Yes, that’s it.  In all of it’s glory.  Turns out the Lambo didn’t come with.

It’s not a travel trailer, nor is it a Winnebago (sorry G!). I’m told it’s a RV.

Not knowing the difference and pretty sure I might need some justification when taunted about this said RV,  I did a little digging – turns out the our RV is actually a Motorhome (vehicle and living space combined) vs. a Travel Trailer which must be towed by a vehicle. Motorhomes are classified Class A, Class B and Class C depending on size and where the bed is.   According to RV Dreams (yes, it’s a real site and apparently a real dream) Class A is the largest and are the RV’s most associated with stars and athletes that travel on the road from city to city. 

Sweet, Good work Mr.  We’re rich and famous now.

Strangely I still feel a bit WT.

Candidly though,the thing is pretty rad.  Some of the things I really like about it:

  • Never having to stop at a Gas Station or Quick Serve Restaurant to use the restroom
  • Not getting a kink in your neck when you sleep sitting up – yes, it’s got 3 Full Size Beds
  • Staving off boredom on the road with DirecTV and PlayStation on a 42″ flat screen TV
  • If the weather’s bad, you don’t have to get out – ever
  • Hungry? Check.  We’ve got a fully stocked Refrigerator and Freezer
  • Washer and Dryer on demand – clothes on the road are always clean
  • And a view for days.

So, after a 13 mile run this morning to complete a 34 miles training week, we’re off to Vegas.

More from the road.

{MF Dre}


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