No Morals in Sin City.

Getting to Vegas was a little bit of a cluster***k.
It always is. Always.
But the road to hell is always paved with good intentions, isn’t it?
Delay of Game 4 hours, 37 minutes and prime-time traffic time.
So this actually happened. Would have been disastrous if the windshield fell off in the middle of the trip. Imagine a crack in a 8 1/2’ x 5’ piece of glass.
Flashback – we had a little run in with some road debris on a recent trip…huge crack in the shield. You know how it works on your own ride.
I was so nervous I was sweating and probably sounded like a crazy loon as I squirmed and gasped at each bump in the road. But we made it back to the place we store and repair the RV and temporarily downgraded to a loaner Class C – think limo party-ride with beds and a refrigerator instead of poles and neon lights.
{Temporarily only because we’re a high rolling Whiskey Tango Vegas crowd and we have an image to uphold. Please}.
Ours was at least two hours behind us – they agreed to re-install the busted windshield and have a driver bring it out to us in Vegas. That’s right. High rolling customer service too.
We arrived at 9p. As of 11:23pm it was still on the way. Think it arrived somewhere around 1am.
Moral of the story? F-it. Who needs morals in Sin City. Time to Vegas.
{MF Dre}

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