Leaving Las Vegas


We’re Leaving Las Vegas
Lights so Bright
Palm Sweat, Blackjack
On a Saturday Night

Something NOT like that


We never made it out of the plushpadlast night.

Trying to coordinate 30+ people in Vegas is difficult and quite honestly why leave when you’re already a party.

I was a bit delinquent in photographing it all, but we didn’t forget to wish this guy


A cake-in-your-face HBD wish.


Vegas never goes down without some form of drama – even off the strip. This weekends included:
– 1 Marriage (still trying to piece together details on this one and it was not ours I promise)
– 1 Bounce-house induced concussion
– A 3am Carbon Monoxide alarm
– 2 Drowned iPhones
– A bullet to the beloved Justin Bieber doll’s head

– a house full of wicked hangovers

So long Vegas.

{MF Dre}



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