Cold, Dark Mornings. Long, Harried Workdays, Festive-yet-almost-too-busy Holiday Nights, make the 5:55am alarm clock ever so abrasive.  Staying committed to a training program is very difficult during this time of year.  So what do I do to keep motivated?  I remind myself that I am a runner. I am tough. I sweat. I train. I get dirty. and I have goals.

and when that fails, I put another race on the calendar to keep me motivated.

Which means, Get Out of Bed.

This morning I ran 5.12 miles in 40 minutes (average pace 7:48 min/mile). FAST for me.

Must be this new race motivation, OR it’s my new shoes.

Currently I’m rotating two different pairs of New Balance – the 890 Lightweight Trainer and the 1400 Road Flat.



You have to admit, the colors on these 1400’s are pretty sweet, aren’t they?

This is my 3rd pair of the 890’s – I kind of dig them comfort and performance wise, plus they also fit my custom orthotics {they’re not just for old people} really well.   This current pair of 890’s was sent to me as a replacement by the team at New Balance.  I happened to tweet recently about my 890’s.  Oddly, and only about 200 miles in to what should be a 400+ mile shoe,  the sole was starting to come apart and rocks were getting stuck under it when I ran.  No fun. The team at New Balance was quick to respond and swiftly coordinated a return and new pair.  Another customer service win!  (and an affirmation on why Twitter is a good connection tool).

Now @NewBalance if you can just help me find these in a Women’s Size 9, because they’ve been sold out since day 1. {and.i.really.want.them.}

Rainbow 890

So back to the race.  Kind of excited for this one. The Operation Jack Marathon and 1/2 Marathon serves to benefit autism-related charities, primarily Train 4 Autism, as well as other worthy causes.  You can read the story here. The course is an out and back loop starting at Dockweiler State Beach in Manhattan Beach running along the beach up through Playa Del Rey and Marina Del Rey and back down.

Running on the beach in December? Yes, I’m in.

And yes, new shoes & new race = re-motivated.

{MF Dre}



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