White Elephants.


It’s Friday. 3:09p and I am ready.to.be.done.
This whole working for the weekend thing is for the birds. I’m looking forward to finally getting into the official holiday spirit with parties, baking, tree decorating, wrapping and making some homemade gifts for friends.

We just had our annual work Potluck and {White Elephant} Gift Exchange. We play by the rules that each gift can get stolen up to three times and then it’s locked.  It gets a bit insane with 65+ people.  Clearly we’re overworked, delirious and incapable of making good decisions by Friday afternoon.  Co-workers were fanatically searching for those $15 and under bottles of wine, liquor and beer – need I remind you what cheap liquor tastes like?  Not to mention what it feels like the next day?  And by the way, is your stomach not a mess after the random mesh-mash of potluck food you just ate?

{the Jagermeister got stolen 3x – what??? are people seriously still drinking this crud?}

I didn’t exactly score jackpot.

Tried to give it away to a few of the Moms in the office to do with their kids…Nope, not interested in this kind of project this weekend.   Maybe I’ll be bored enough during my bazillion and a half days off starting next Thursday – yes.i’m.counting.down – to make a gingerbread house.

Some of the other gifts included:

Yep, you know you want the Thumbs Up Brick 80’s Style iPhone Case

Princess Piggy Bank

Yes, I actually wanted to steal these for a certain friend named Em.

  oh and let’s not forget this one which maxed out the 3 steals almost immediately.

{le sigh}

and this one might have been the best – in part because it came with 6 mini bottles of liquor.

After these events I always feel like I get a glimpse into the sick and twisted minds of my coworkers – anonymous as they may claim to be.

What’s the best/worst White Elephant you received this season?

{MF Dre}



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