Christmas Tree Rescue.


We must be rescue people by nature.  2 Rescued Homies, a Reclaimed Tree (i.e. Rescued) Dining Table and now a Rescued Christmas Tree? Something kept drawing us back to this poor tree.  7′ Tall, skinny and slightly anemic looking and yet it was the only one we both wanted.  Seriously.

It’s hard to tell from photos, but you can literally see all the way through the tree. from almost every angle.

Definitely the tree that everyone else passed by.

We took the Mr’s restoration project (another rescue) ’85 FJ60 Land Cruiser up to Temescal Canyon Park today to get our Tree. (sneak peek of the restoration)

{yes, seriously}

that actually looks like this now. but it is drive-able and immune to rooftop Christmas Tree Scratches.

  We couldn’t stand the idea of buying our tree from a used-car-lot-turned-Christmas-Tree-lot.  Something about it felt insincere.  Being as close as we are to nature, we went up to Temescal Canyon, one of our favorite hiking spots,  which was also doubling as a tree lot.  Tons of trees.

All of them full and thick.  Except ours. Ours stood alone – the tree that had clearly been passed by a million times.  The tree that stood alone when all of the trees around it had been picked up and taken home.   Interestingly, this also seemed to be the only one the Homie’s were not interested in… if you catch my drift.   {Considering we have not been successful in winning the battle with the couch…we may win with this tree}

So we loaded it up on the truck and brought it home.

About two weeks ago, one of my co-workers and friends brought me a mason jar filled with Ponche Navideno, a spicy/fruity Mexican Christmas Drink that you warm, mix and serve with Whiskey, Rum or Tequila. It felt like the perfect night to break it out and celebrate the official tree lighting and start of the holidays in our home.

We warmed and served it over a little Single Barrel and spent the next hour decorating our tree.

Even with lights and ornaments, you can still see all the way through this rescue tree of ours.  But we like it and I especially love that the bottom is already starting to fill in nicely with the gifts {from all you crazy early bird Christmas shoppers} that had long been waiting for their home.

{MF Dre}


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