The Bees Knees.


3 More Days until a bazillion and a half days off – well, 12, but anyway.  I was wide awake at 5am, not sure what I was so eager stressed about, but we’ll just say it’s the countdown to vacation.  So I just went with it, got up and Ran 4 miles/31 minutes.  Considering I was with the dogs, this is record pace.  It means they hoofed it –  big time.

I am looking forward to settling in and relaxing over the Holiday Season {as of last night, I was still a crazy woman so it’s better late than never}.  I’ve finally finished my shopping except for one gift for one incredibly-hard-to-buy-for-man.  {suggestions welcome}, wrapped them all and entrusted them to UPS for on-time holiday delivery.

I made something new this season – not sure if it is a hit or miss.  Depends on your taste I suppose.  About 5 days ago, I got my Daily Candy which told me that this season, the rage is around Chocolate-Dipped Honeycomb.  Hmmm. According to chef Bret Thompson of Market in Downtown LA, this recipe creates Rich, flaky chocolate-dipped honeycomb that makes even bees weak in the knees. Description alone, I’m sold.

A few weeks ago, I went to a Holiday Wine and Cheese Pairing at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and had picked up this delightful bottle of Mitica Orange Blossom Honey (along with one of my favorite obsessions – Cabra Romero Rosemary Encrusted cheese).

We typically have honey on hand – you know the upside down, crystallized, sad looking Honey Bear in the pantry.  I decided to put an end to this trend and start buying smaller bottles of nicer honey, and actually use them.  So this seemed to be a perfect reason to break into this honey.

The recipe was simple and only required me to go out and purchase a new Candy Thermometer after mine shattered on the kitchen floor last year.  The only drawback, was that getting the liquid to reach 300* took a long while – like 25 minutes longer than I had, but I was fearful of burning it so I took the slow and steady route.


Once laid in a pan, it cooled quickly and hardened.

It cooled. I cracked. and I dipped.   {Into some deliciously rich Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Truffle}

I’m on the fence on this one.  I like it. and I’m not sure.  It was a fun adventure to make and some of you will be receiving this in the mail this season.  Being that Honeycomb is not the most common candy, I’m not sure that many of us know if we love it or hate it? or just like it.  For me, I think I like it ok.  I want to like it more, but I don’t know about the sticking to my teeth part.  I think that is what makes me question whether I like it.  But the chocolate covered part – yes, that I definitely like.

Tonight we’ll finish the last of our homemade holiday gifts for local friends and family and hopefully sit on the couch to watch one of the 20+ holiday movies that the Mr. has DVR’d.

Have you made any new Holiday Gifts or Treats this Season?

{MF Dre}


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