Jog Strap


OK, this made me laugh SO hard.

Hysterical Right?  I kind of can’t get the darn song out of my head now.

But it begs the question – what are your ‘must haves’ for when you Run? or Workout?

Here are the things that I don’t leave home without in the morning:

  • RoadID – the closest answer to “be safe” out there.  I want to be able to be identified quickly and for the people I know to be alerted just as fast in the rare chance that something happens to me
  • Nike+ – and endless parade of information about my run, downloadable and track-able.   I bought on to the bandwagon of this one a long time ago – along with the shoe purchase – and it’s been super easy ever since.  (Since October 7, 2009 I’ve logged 3,107mi – and that includes time off from 2 back surgeries).  Plus it’s compatible with my iPhone, iPod and the Wrist Sportband on the days that I don’t run with music.  Double Plus, it also works in my New Balance and Asics since I gave up on Nike Running shoes a while back
  • Gloves – the cheap stretchy kind from Target.  I’ve been known to throw these on the ground during races or lose them along routes.  The cheaper the better, just something to keep my fingers warm.
  • Thorlo Experia Socks  I like the way these hug my feet and provide added cushion in the ball of my foot (I’m a midstriker) as well as the heel.
  • Orthotics – I’ve been wearing them since I was 15 – I had mine custom-made.   I actually had my Doctor make me a back up pair of the ones I am currently sporting – just in case – because I love them so much.  My podiatrist spent a lot of time studying my foot, my walking gait and my running strike to ensure he put the proper emphasis on them to best support and best cushion my strike.  I seriously heart them and if they fit in all of my shoes (heels, boots, flats), I’d probably wear them all day, everyday.
  • Clif Shot Blocks – I’ve never really been into Gu or Gel’s of any sort.  But I tried these and they kind of work for me.  I ordered a big box from Amazon and take them out with me on my long run days.

Beyond that, the only other Running Accessory I like is 2 Super Rad Homies.  They’re good for about 5 miles tops and they definitely make me stop a lot more than I like so they can sniff, pee etc, but I also think that they’ve made me a faster runner.  With all the stops and starts, I call this my own version of speed training so I take it for what it’s worth and make them sprint between stops too.

What are your must have accessories?

Will you be buying your Male Running Friends a Jog Strap for Christmas?

{MF Dre}


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