It’s Christmas Vacation.


It’s finally here.  A bazillion and a half days off.  Ok 12, but that’s a lot for me.  Here are some of the ways I plan on spending my time away from the office.

  • Operation Jack 1/2 Marathon
  • Hosting our first (and hopefully annual) “In Between” Holiday Party next week.
  • Heading up to the Bay Area to ring in the New Year at the Mr.’s Sister and Brother in Law’s restaurant, Camino
  • Spending a full (child free) day with my friend T – I do adore your kids though!
  • Finally finishing a DIY project that has taken a bit longer than anticipated
  • Spending time with our families
  • Hopefully a semi-impromptu trip up to visit the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo
  • Late Morning vs. 6am Runs (and attempting my first 20 miler)
  • Finally catching up on Dexter Seasons 3-5 – yes, I’m waaaaaaaaaaaay behind
  • Finishing – Shantaram – promise it’s really good though
  • Endless Christmas Movie Marathons

and most importantly, helping the Mr. with a BIG.NEW.ADVENTURE – details coming January 3rd!

But first.  We kicked off the start to the official Holiday Season (i.e. no work, all celebrate) with a well deserved cocktail.


                                         The Honey Badger – yes really {His}                          Prosecco {Hers}


{MF Dre}


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