Last Race of 2011.


Waking up at 5:45a when you’re supposed to be on vacation must mean that you’re a runner. Or else crazy. Or perhaps both.  {me}.    Most days, I catch the sunrise towards the end of my run, today it was on the way to my last race of the year, the Operation Jack 1/2 Marathon.

After a full two days of festivities, I disruptively forced myself out of bed (and food comas) to get back to working on my fitness with a Half Marathon.  The race started down in Manhattan Beach at the edge of El Porto – one of the most famous surf breaks in So Cal.

As we warmed up, picked up race packets and waited for the race to start, we watched the sun rise and the early bird surfers bare the 57* water.  It begged the question, who was actually crazier?  The 360 runners about to do 13.1 (or for some even crazier post-Christmas runners, 26.2 miles) or the surfers in 57* water?

The race started on time right after a quick greeting and thank you from Sam of Operation Jack.  Sam founded Operation Jack about 2 years ago to help raise money for Autism related charities after his son Jack was diagnosed.  Both Sam and his wife thanked us and told us to run/jog/walk our as*es off during the run. If you ask me, pretty cool Dad to mobilize a kick a** fund-raising action plan that generated over $36K in one day to support Autism.  As he wrote in April 2011, Operation Jack is my never-ending quest to help causes in need, one charitable act at a time. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. But I have faith I’ll get it done. That’s what Operation Jack is.

Besides the race in Southern California this morning, there were Satellite runs in Portland, OR, Portland, ME,  Houston and Kabul, Afghanistan.

Pre-Race, Ready to Go.  Hopeful to beat my Santa Barbara 1/2 Marathon time of 1:57

The race started out well.  Pacing an average of 8:12.  I thought, well, this is going to be good. A nice, fairly flat, BEAUTIFUL course.

Unfortunately though, I think that two days of feasting may have caught up with me, because around mile 4, my stomach started to feel really wonky and went through waves the rest of the course. Major bummer.  I stopped a few times and walked probably a total of .75 mile during the course.

Not sure if this was a good mile or a bad one…my face could technically be screaming HELP! or HEY!  But seriously look how pretty it is

Overall, I averaged a pace of about 8:45.

Now here’s where I can’t decide if I did well (considering) or Not.  My race time was a 1:59:30 according to the official clock.  But since I stopped 4x along the course, I paused my watch, knowing that the official clock wasn’t stopping. It wasn’t like I chose to stop, I had to.  So I wanted to get a sense of what my time would be if I had not had to stop.  My watch time said 1:53.  Which would technically be a PR.

Who wins?  Official Time or My Time?  

Either way, I still received the BEST race medal ever and I got to meet Sarah from OUAL who had a pretty kick-butt race.

Cheers to enjoying the rest of 2011 race-free and gearing up for some great 2012 goals.

{MF Dre}


7 thoughts on “Last Race of 2011.

  1. Congrats Andrea! Way to push through the hardest part of endurance racing, getting past all the crazy obstacles your body throws at you. If you keep having GI problems, you know I’m your girl.

  2. jayloy

    I have been in two (yes two) races where the people running next to me have literally shit their pants. Putting whether there is any correlation between people running next to me and shitting their pants aside, I think that you have to go clock (official) time.


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