The Year in Adventures – 2011.


2011 was a year of Adventure – great, big and small.

Here are my top 11 (or 13) best adventures of the year.

January we took a ditch day and headed up to the slopes for a little snowboarding adventure.  My first since this accident

damn it felt good to be a gangster again {even if only on the bunny slopes}

In February, I took my first trip to the Race Track with the Mr. (that’s him in the lotus) and went 145+ miles/hour around the track with him in the car.

{don’t ask if I broke the chains that hold the floor mat down.  I was only bracing for my life}

March brought us on an adventure in our own City – the LA Challenge.  This “Amazing Race” style competition had us dashing around downtown LA, racing against other Challengers for immortal glory, and attempting to solve (Google) tricky clues while we explored undiscovered corners of our own city.

{we found a rent-a-cop outside the Los Angeles Public Library}

We also flew to Santa Barbara for the night to catch Foster the People’s last really.small and really.intimate show in Santa Barbara before they became the indie-rock sensation that they are today. At this point they only had a 3 song EP release!

{note: I have a total boy band crush on Foster the People}

April took us down to the pad in Mexico for a little weekend R&R.  For those that know me well, my soul lives somewhere south of the border and any combination of TnT {tacos ‘n tequila}, I’m Winning.

{Bottomless tequila, rocks with a twist}

We pulled out the tents {er, RV} in May to camp for our friends Birthday up by Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara.

{we may have slept in a real bed, but we roughed it by joining our friends in the ‘no-shower’ clause for the weekend}

Not sure where June went, but by July we were back in Mexico relaxing after a hideously painful 4 days at San Diego Comic Con. {#work fail}. If you’ve been, you know.this.pain.well.

We might have put on our own firework show too…(video here)

In August we joined the VVMC {Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club} for a day long ride along the coast.

{and I discovered that the bike [or my rear end] needs way.more.padding}

Two BIG events in September… I gained a Barbie-in-Law

{yes, she’s as sweet as she is perfect looking. lil’ bro, you scored. big.time}

and I got kidnapped at work for a Birthday Extravaganza which included a scavenger hunt, private planes, more clues, surprise guests, brunch in Avalon on Catalina Island, Zip Lining, and a Surprise Mexican Fiesta Dinner with all my nearest and dearest.

{Dear Mr., you’ve fulfilled your Surprise quota for the year, and I loved it.  love, MF Dre}

P.S. your fear of heights is noted; hand in mouth is a good coping technique.

October brought adventure back to my city with my college Besties – Dr. V and ALR.  It was on this trip, that I realized that despite two back surgeries over the past few years, I was capable of a comeback to distance running again –

The Mouse House {work} also sent me on an adventure…through the eyes of Rafiki

{the longest, sweatiest, but most incredible 30 minute adventure}

and after said distance.running.revelation with Dr. V, I entered and finished my first Half Marathon in November

December was spent road-tripping, creating, infusing, running for good causes, dining and celebrating.

We’re headed to ring in one more adventure tonight to celebrate the end of an incredible year.

Cheers to an inspired and adventurous 2012.

{MF Dre}


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