It’s a Wrap.


Holy heck January FLEW by.  It might be 80* here in So Cal, but I feel like I’m buried in an avalanche of work.  Sometimes all I need is a little reminder of the fun I’m having too to keep my chin up.

So, here are a few of my favorite moments from the past month.

In 2012 I will be a Rock(Rap)Star.

Nope, not trying to be the Biebs, but I’m proud of my goals and my ongoing commitment to make this life ridiculously great. As you might have noticed, I’m also updating each Monday to keep myself accountable to my goals.  And add new ones too! Thinking I may need a Reading Goal next. Any good book reccos?

 Out with a Bang!

Our trip to the bay area was a blast, plus I am dying to go back to Camino again.  Stat.  Thinking we’re going back up that way in March for one of the Mr’s races.  So Allison and Russ, get ready!

 The Big News!  Technik Opens Its Garage.

 The Mr. opened his own shop!  {and business is already booming!}  Reminder: theMFDre discount is still in effect through March 31st.  Don’t miss out!

 Happy Birthday Mr! 

 Snowboarding, Skating, Sledding & Snowmobiling!  So Much Fun. Repeat again next year, mkayplease?

And a few others – Running for Team Gab, Revealing all my Randoms (and so did these ladies here, here and here) Lots of LONG conversations over life and wedding planning with my best friend V and an awesome Mexican Hoedown complete with carne asada tacos and the Mr. trying to dance the mexican two-step.  {no, not really, but that video would have been priceless}

{MF Dre}

  • Any book reccos? 
  • What are your January highlights?
  • Live in LA? Need an amazing place to take your car?  Call Technik Auto



53 Miles last week. 1830 to go to hit 2012 in 2012. 

 Wow. No wonder I could not get off my foam roller last night.  Kinda killed it in terms of mileage last week.  I had all the best intentions of stopping while ahead on Sunday, but when the Mr. wanted to play volleyball (and it was a perfect 80* So Cal beach day in January), how could I pass up a jog in the sand.

I know what you’re thinking. Couldn’t you just plop yourself in the sand and relax?  Nope.  Remember I have a problem sitting and doing nothing.   On Saturday I did my run for Team Gab.  I committed to running a Half for Team Gab, but since I’m also in the midst of Marathon Training, I was due for a longer run so I put in a little extra love for Gab.

I’ll be honest, after hearing all about how great the Inagural Tinkerbell Half Marathon was at Disneyland on Sunday, I’m definitely signing up next year.


Friday night we came home and Homie #1’s front right paw was a hot mess.  He’d chewed it raw and it wasn’t pretty.  We didn’t know if he’d stepped on something, injured it playing or something else,  but we knew the Vet was about to take all our money.  {Too bad the Mouse House doesn’t offer Pet Insurance, because I’d pay.  Those Vets are}

Fast forward, he’ll be just fine.  But they want him to wear one of those collars for the next two weeks.  Not going to happen with this dog.  He somehow manages to destroy them every time.  So my cousin Abby, who is studying to be a vet, suggested we try baby socks to go on top of the wrap/meds.


And even more genius that I found a pack at Ross for $2.99 that were kinda rad. 

well, these bad boys work – and he doesn’t seem to care much that he’s got a sock on despite his

and since someone in our house can’t deal if he’s not getting attention too, they’re now both wearing a sock on their right paw.

{and yes, they say Mom}.


{MF Dre}

Tag You’re It.


Tag!  I’m It!  and Now You’re It!  

And  I’m about to get  SUPER RANDOM for you. 

Heather from 365 Days of Awesome tagged me in the 11 Things post that’s been going around. Usually not my thing but I see that many of you are new followers so I thought it might be a fun way for you to learn a bit more about me.

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.
My Randoms:
1.  I believe that being a perfectionist also means that somewhere along the path of your endless quest for perfection,  you have to know when to quit.  Sometimes good enough is actually perfect.
2. The rumor is true. Anesthesia and Red Heads are a really.bad.mix.  If biting, hitting, punching, thrashing, kicking, screaming and yelling at people to stop staring at your butt are your thing, you should come around next time I have anesthesia.  {which is hopefully never}  It’s like UFC gone very very wrong.
3. Despite being 5’8, I am the shortest among my siblings.
4. I have been told by the Mr. that one of my biggest problems is that I have a problem sitting around and doing nothing.  Can’t do it.
5. My Sister and Brother call me The Boss.  I didn’t know this until about 4 years ago, but I guess it’s been my nickname for years. It was revealed one Christmas when they made me a hat and a coffee mug that said Boss on them.  Apparently in their mind, a decision can’t be made until The Boss approves it.  I think that this is ridiculous and just.plain.lies.
6. Speaking of Coffee Mugs and Hats (and no, I’m not obsessed or a collector of either) my sister and my aunt made a special trip to the Peeps Store in MD and sent me these.  Yes.  I am completely and totally obsessed with Peeps.  Heart them. Thank goodness they have every holiday covered these days and not just Easter.
7. My toes have to be painted. ALWAYS.
8. When I was a senior in College, I received the U.S. Army National Scholar/Athlete Award for academic and athletic excellence.  It was super random – didn’t even know I was up for it – and ever since then, everyone seems to think I was ROTC in college.  I wasn’t.
9. One of the most incredible places I’ve ever been to is Jericoacoara, Brazil – a small fishing village, windsurf and kitesurf  mecca in Ceará, Brazil.  It is also a sand dune national park, protected by the EPA.  It is exceptional.  You can actually sandboard (think snowboard on sand) down the dunes.
If you’re planning a trip to Brazil, get in touch for details.
10.  I have lived in 8 cities:  NYC; San Mateo, CA; Norwalk, CT; Piedmont, CA; Denver, CO; Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA & Ann Arbor, MI
11. I am obsessed with my teeth being straight and actually wear Retainers to bed.  But I still am embarrassed about wearing them around the Mr. so I hide them in my pillowcase until the lights are out and then pray we’re done chatting for the night.

Now to answer the 11 Questions from Heather

1. Do you cross train? (Be honest!)
Yes, usually 1x per week.  I will hit up the elliptical, hike or yoga.  This typically happens on my lazy Sundays where I sleep in and take the day as it comes.  I also walk the Homies a lot so I think that counts too.
2. What’s your FAVORITE thing about running?
There are so many things so I will give you 3.  1). The freedom to be alone with myself and an open road.  2). How strong it makes me feel.  3). The shoes.  They beat heels any day of the week for me.
3. And your LEAST favorite?
Not getting to sleep in.  6am or bust.
If I want to keep my job and have a social life, there is no room for PM workouts so I have to hit it and quit it prior to 7:30am or I get a #workoutfail for the day.
4. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what is it?
Sesame Bagel Egg & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich.  This is my post-long-run fuel.   So if I ate this every day, I suppose I would also never stop running and always live around the corner from  NY Bagel.
5. What came first, chicken or the egg?
The egg.  Because I eat far more eggs than I eat chicken.
6. You’re stuck on a deserted island – what three books do you wish you had with you?
Shantaram –  because I am 9 months in to trying to finish this book and
Pillars of the Earth – one of my all time favorites and Starz did an amazing miniseries based on the book too!
7. How much time do you spend getting ready before leaving your house for a normal day of work/school/whatever you do?
Post run stretch/shower/breakfast/emails – 3o minutes
Hair/Makeup/Dressed/Coffee – 30 minutes
8. Do you love the treadmill as much as I do?
NO!  Only on special occasions do I love it. Mostly I feel like a hamster on it.
9. My birthday is coming up (in 6 months)… want to come have a party?
Yes, and I will bring delicious treats and gifts.
10. What should I get The H for his birthday (next week)?
If yours is like mine, he LOVES funky tennis shoes to wear around his shop.   I typically go to Sportie LA to shop for him, but if you’re not in LA, New Balance now has a design your own option which are pretty cool … check it out!
The other things I just got him which he kinda loved are: Whiskey Stones and  The Magic Bullet Blender. {it was either that for him or the Perfect Brownie for me}.  Lucky for our waistlines, he’s the Protein Shake King now
11. Have you joined Team Gab yet?
Yes!  Running IRL this Saturday!
Now, 11 NEW questions…
  1.  In what moment of your day do you feel most free?
  2. Brag for a moment about one of the accomplishments you’re most proud of.
  3. You’re having a dinner party.  How many people are you inviting and what would you make?
  4. Do you prefer to work out in the morning? At night? Not at all?
  5. Which reality TV show has succeeded in sucking you in season after season?
  6. What is the most random thing you put Peanut Butter on?
  7. Would you prefer to live a long life or a broad life?
  8. Prius.  Love ’em or Hate ’em (regardless of the fact that anyone who drives one is a horrible driver)
  9. What song are you embarrassed to say you love?
  10. Valentines Day? Love it or Hate it?  And what should I do for the Mr?
  11. What is your best advice for me in my first full Marathon this year?
Tag You’re It
Hope you enjoyed the randomness.  What surprised you? For those that know me, what did I leave out?
{MF Dre}

Can I Wear a Tux?


Time for my favorite mid-week rambling about the happenin’s

Super excited that my bestie is engaged!

2.5 years ago, “Coat Boy” hit on her by offering to hold her coat while she danced in a crowded bar. Kinda think that this falls in the same category as freaking her from behind, but it worked and I’m so super excited that she let that bad-pick-up-move slide.  Because.He.Kind.Of.Rocks. xx Jay.


In keeping with the wedding theme, another bestie {you know you have a few too} is getting married to his super fab partner. Best texts ever last week.  

and if SJP and SATC mean nothing to you {} Carrie wore a tux to Stanford and Anthony’s wedding in SATC2.  You?


It’s been a bit hard to get back into Running this week after a few days on the mountain. Maybe I’m tired or maybe I lost a little momentum, but I am refocusing to put my head back into it because I’m running IRL with Team Gab this Saturday for PCRF. Plus, looking at my race calendar for the next few months, it’s packed, so its time to get my head in the game.   If you want to join us on Saturday, sign up here. Please!


It’s sad, but it’s true…and I’m embarrassed to say, I’m G-U-I-L-T-Y.


Lastly a giveaway (not mine).  Sarah and Mizuno are giving away a pair of Wave Rider 15’s here!  Go check it out now! You (and I) want to win these – they just carried her through a kick a** fast 3:14:31 marathon.  If only….

{MF Dre}

  • Would you rock a tux?
  • Favorite Running Shoe? have you tried the Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s yet?  
  • How guilty are you in this video?  {Me = 20% Guilty}

Snow is for Snow Adventures Only.


Snow is for Snow Adventures Only.  That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it.  While I got seriously made fun of for saying that living in snow would ruin my shoes, I still firmly believe there are only two real ways to enjoy snow.  1. Snow Sports/Adventures 2. Inside by a Fireplace drinking a Hot Toddy.   Snow is not for commuting, working, errands and bar hopping (unless you’re coming off a day on the slopes).  Who’s with me?

Every muscle on my body killed on Sunday – even my fingers?!?!? (Again, except said runner legs). {or learn to snowboard without falling}.  But when we woke up to  a BLIZZARD on Sunday morning we were all on the same page – time to return the rental gear and pray.will.chant for the skies to clear so we could go Snowmobiling!



 The willing and praying and chanting and sun dancing worked!  Literally 10 minutes before we arrived to the Tigiwon National Forest in Vail, the skies changed, blue rolled in and it was this beautiful.

We booked a Snowmobile tour through Nova Guides which was recommended to us by a friend.  We were told that not only were the views incredible, but the guides were pretty cool and they’d let you off trail a bit if the conditions allowed for it.

Bonus: these snowmobiles had hand warmers built into the handles.  GENIUS for my extra cold digits.

We took a 2 hour, 10+ Mile Adventure track through about 2’ of fresh powder and not only was it ridiculously fun, but the views of the back bowls of Vail and the National Forest were extraordinary.

{this last one is pretty, but I won’t lie, it’s where i got stuck in deep powder and had to call in a rescue}

We Snowmobiled for about 90 minutes before we took a break for hot chocolate and snow diving

 And then took our time coming back down through the forest. 

If you’ve ever experienced one of those moments where your face feels like it is frozen in a permanent smile, this was one of those moments.  {my face might literally have been frozen too}.  I had that inner kid kind of un-contained squeal going on inside my helmet.

I often find that most of the ‘touristy’ activities wind up being overpriced and very underwhelming so I’m prone to passing on them or trying to find something much more local/unique.   In this instance, there was not a moment where I regretted my decision not to snowboard that day.  It was  We all agreed, we’d do it again without a doubt, but next time, we’d try something new and go to their primary location in Camp Hale where in addition to great trails, there are also a ton of open meadows where you can “free-mobile”.

After so many incredible adventures in one 4 day trip, we’re both ready to move back to Denver. Not sure when, but make room for us, please!

And until that point, we’ll be back for our next fix very soon.

{MF Dre}

  • Have you ever snowmobiled?
  • Do you have a favorite winter destination?

Milestone Monday.


Time for the weekly rundown.

Last week I attempted to squeeze a 50 hour work week into 2.5 days (tues-thurs) before we left town so life pretty much consisted of work and more work. And a couple good runs. Had an amazing trip, but ready to get back into the home routine this week.

Well, I answered my question from last week.  It took me 136.85 miles to get .01 around the word.  I’m 137 miles in to 2012 this year!

{MF Dre}

DT Alert: Your Sled Awaits.


When life gives you blizzards, find your way to Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek.

On Saturday night, we got dumped on with Snow.  Blessing and a Curse. The Good News, the mountains needed a good snow.  The Bad News, we had dinner reservations 45 minutes away up in Beaver Creek, which meant one, awesome drive ahead of us.

The thought of cancelling dinner was out of the question.  Not because anyone knew what I planned because I left them completely in the dark on this one, but because the word NO does not exist in adventure.   Plus, I had really  special Birthday dinner planned for the Mr.

Unfortunately my brother was really under the weather so I gave him a bye. Driving conditions were awful, but we made it there with a few intentional e-brake slides.  {when you race cars, apparently this stuff is fun/funny}

We arrived in Beaver Creek Village and I unveiled my surprise.  Nope, we weren’t dining at the Beaver Creek Chophouse; it was just the meeting spot for this bad boy.

Our chariot sled was awaiting us to take us to dinner at Beano’s Cabin up at the peak of Beaver Creek Resort.  The Mr. and Barbie-in-Law were super surprised. Yes, we rode to Beano’s in a sled.  How do you get to dinner?

This was not my first time to Beano’s.  When I was young my family lived in Denver and we were often up in the mountains.  I can’t recall the specific occasion, but one evening the 5 of us went to Beano’s and I remember it being one of the most magical and ridiculous experiences to take a sleigh ride to dinner.  (For those of you from CA, it was probably in line with my memory of eating at Ed Debevics but for very different reasons).  Time for a repeat and a brilliant, birthday adventure.

Pulled by a Sno-Cat, which also dueled as a groomer for the runs, we were up the mountain in about 15 minutes.  It was snowing like crazy {the Blessing part} – it is way more fun to make your way up the mountain in the middle of a good snow vs. just a dark cold night.  Evidence.

We arrived and ushered into the slipper room. Yep, boots off, slippers on.

And then settled in for an incredible 5 course meal.  Aside from soup and salad, which were set, we all ordered separately for App and Entrée to see who would win the DT contest.

Winners of the night:

SOUP:  Sweet Potato Bisque with Sage (too good to not mention)

APPETIZER:  1st Place:  Trout Tartare (B-i-L)  2nd Place: “gunpowder” rubbed Buffalo Tenderloin Carpaccio (Mr.)

ENTRÉE:  1st Place:  Gingerbread Crusted Lamb Rack (theMFDre), 2nd Place: Brown Butter & Sage Scallops with toasted Hazelnuts (B-i-L)

(menu here)

After dinner and dessert, we lounged by the fire for a bit and then took the last sled down for the evening.  Our sled guide mentioned the last sled of the night is typically most fun… he was right.  Romantics and whimsy were over with.  Time for a mean snowball fight!

Right after this, he got nailed in the face.  Awesome. Way to go out with a bang snowball in your face.

{MF Dre}

  • Have you been to Beano’s?
  • What is your craziest Dinner adventure?
  • E-Brake slides – love ‘em or hate ‘em