DT Alert: Out With a Bang.


I know I mentioned that I had news I was going to share on Jan 3.  It’s coming.  Small delay.  But rather than dwell on failed promises, let’s focus on the fun! 2011 went out with a total bang – a.no.fireworks.allowed.this.time.kind.of.bang.

I traded in my frequent flyer miles for this guy.

Let’s be honest – way.better.than.a.first.class.upgrade. – especially when I only  manage to qualify for upgrades these days on the measly 1 hour flights.  I’m not celeb-tastic enough to get upgraded on the way to NYC – ever.

  Lucky enough for me, the Mr.’s BFF, is a pilot.  Sweeeeet. And for those of you curious, same plane as the Foster the People concert.

So on Saturday, the four of us (unlike Jake Pavelka, this Pilot is Awesome and lucky for him his girlfriend, “Awesome +1”, rocks too) high-tailed it outta LA and up to the Bay Area for the night.  If you’re a celeb-stalker, these two were boarding the plane next to us on the way to Vegas.

That’s how we roll. {Once or twice in a lifetime}

We jumped in, put on the noise cancelling headphones and we were off. Yes, the plane is reeeeaaaallly small.

What was the plan? A ridiculous all night, all-you-can-drink party? Nope, we’re old {and lame}.  We went up for DT – delicious town.  Mr. MF Dre’s sister, Allison, and her husband, Russell Moore, own a restaurant in Oakland called Camino. 

Some of you may be familiar with the restaurant Chez Panisse, and its owner/executive chef, Alice Waters.  For over 20 years, Russ was the sous-chef chef at Chez Panisse and about 3 years ago, he and Allison opened Camino in the Grand Lake area of Oakland.   The space is both warm and rustic – most of the dishes served at Camino are cooked over an open-hearth fire or a wood burning oven. Their menu changes daily, reflecting the season, the region and the team at Camino’s commitment to supporting the best of local and sustainable small farms.


We landed, checked in to the Hotel Shattuck Plaza (highly recommend if you’re looking for a great hotel in Berkeley), lunched, beer’ed, napped, showered and headed out to Camino.

Awesome & Awesome +1

Mr. MF Dre & MF Dre

The menu…

Yes, it was absolutely DT.  They even had an optional ‘truffle add-on’ if you so desired. {yes, please – and the wine pairing too}.  I actually wound up subbing the NY Strip for the Vegetarian Option which was an Oven Roasted Mushroom Parcel with Roasted Butternut Squash and Grilled Chicories – of.course.I.added.truffles.too.   Our waitress highly recommended it and since I’m not a huge red-meat eater, I figured I could mix and match with the Mr.

WINNER – mine might have been the best meal on the table {by a hair, because it was all ridiculously amazing}.  And since the Mr. and I never compete to see who orders best…I’ll just say the score is:

MF Dre: 39      Mr.: 2

We indulged, imbibed and at the stroke of midnight…


{and then promptly hailed a cab back to the hotel, because we’re old and lame.}

Thank you Allison and Russ for hosting us for the night (and brunch the next morning).

thank you Allison and Russ!

Please make our reservation now for next year.  kthxbye.

{MF Dre}

  • Have you ever been to Camino? If not, make a reso now.
  • What is your DT? Do you have a favorite restaurant? Meal?

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