Nerd Alert. New Gear.


I got one of these bad boys for Christmas.

Call me dorky, call me lame. But when I beat my alarm to the punch this morning, I decided to head out early on a double loop for 6 miles with the dogs – one loop per Homie – wearing this guy.

At 6a, there is a 5-10 minute hail mary window where I stick to well lit streets waiting for the sun to peek above the horizon.  But at 5:30a I need a better solution.  Enter Black Diamond Spot Head Lamp from REI.


I passed three runners along the way, one I actually think I blinded, the second told me how bright my light was and the third time around I tilted my head slightly to the left to avoid hitting him in the eye directly with the light,  but let me tell you, this thing rocked.

Couple things I liked about it:

  • It doesn’t slip.  I pounded out 6 miles in 48 minutes (8min/mile) and this thing did not bounce, budge or bother me in the slightest.  I made sure it was pretty snug on my head but not so snug that I’d be rocking a pretty sweet all morning.  No Slippage.’!
  • You can adjust the light output to perfectly illuminate the ground a few steps ahead of you so that you’re able to easily see and anticipate your next few steps.  No Tripping. or.running.into.street.signs! {of course I’m referring to the dog}
  • It has a variety of light options, a dimmer for when the sun starts to peek through, red lights which actually help your eyes properly adjust to night vision, strobe lights that can  signaling for help/assistance and
  • And you can swivel the light so that you can direct it exactly where you want it to point.

So I might have looked like a total tool heading out for my cave diving trip run this morning, but I was able to focus on my run (hello.speed) instead of focusing on trees, cracks in the street, rocks, and big bad bully’s that might jump out of the bushes to hug me and my Dogs.

Not gonna lie, the Mr. may have used this 3x more than me already too…fixing car things, taking out the trash or something like that.

Have you ever worn one? Would you rather run in the Dark? Or on a Treadmill pre-dawn?

{MF Dre}


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