The BIG News: Technik Opens its Garage


For the last two months the Mr. has been working on something pretty big. If you’ve been following, he is all-cars-all-the-time – he drives them, he races them, he fixes them, he customizes them, he restores them and he obsessively watches them on TV – Lucky for me, I look good waving a checkered flag.  Otherwise we’d never see one another again.

So what’s all the fuss about?  This past week, he opened his own labor of love shop here in Los Angeles.

Technik is a one-stop automotive shop offering solutions for high performance drivers and everyday commuters.
Whether it’s a daily driver, a weekend wrangler, luxury performer, cafe racer, or a vintage classic, Technik customizes
mechanical service, restoration, collision repair, maintenance, performance, restyling and design to suit all automotive

I’ll tell you, I want NADA to do with Cars besides drive one that looks good {so LA} and gets me where I need to be.  Beyond that,  I don’t want to buy one, I don’t want to service it and I certainly don’t want to deal with the problems that come along with a car.  Plus, I hardly think that I’ll be pimping out my Jeep anytime soon.  So of course I pass these problems projects on to him and always has a solution. He does just kind of make car problems seamlessly go away – including my old Saab.

I know that for those of you in LA, {and especially the women}, finding a car-guy to be your trusted is an overwhelming and often defeating task.  Technik will not be the problem-child.  Technik will offer you unrivaled knowledge, best in-class technicians and a personalized and transparent solution for any of your automotive needs.

 And because I am totally biased, I think that you should check out Technik because after you talk to them, you’ll never go to another shop again.  Ever.

Plus, BONUS for you –  mention you heard about Technik from theMFDre and they’ll honor a 50% discount on labor*

In all seriousness, I’m so proud of him.

{MF Dre}

*one-time only discount per household. expires 3.31.12


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