Down and Out


Anyone have a suggestion on what to do when your computer screen looks like this??


Yep, me neither. Down and Out.

So how about a little Weird and Random Musings for Wednesday

1. Big organizational changes at work yesterday. That always creates a fun flurry of mayhem. Even when everyone still has a job.

2. I kicked some tail in my run yesterday morning. 8 miles 1:01:40. Done-zo. This morning I tried to head out for 5 super early with my nerd alert headlamp but homie #2 who is a rescue was terrified of the light on my head. He kept “pancaking” on the ground refusing to budge We made it about a half mile and had to turn around. I wish I could have gotten an I tried sticker like they give me when I try to donate blood.

3. I might be obsessed with the Pineapple Jalapeno Tequila we made a few weeks back. It may also explain my middle of the night headache on Monday night. But seriously, can you imagine watching the Bachelor without a cocktail? It makes the crazy even more crazy.

4. Just realized that I’m headed to Vail/Beaver Creek to Snowboard in 8 days! Any reccos of where to apres-ski? Oh and where to stay? Need to find a condo stat.

5. Obsessing over these. Barneys, please make them not quite so expensive. Now please. Would be an awesome “just because it’s January” present for myself.

6. Thinking I might need to make this for dinner tonight courtesy of HowSweetEats. Um amazing.


7. Working off the iPhone is hardly as productive as one may claim. And my fingers are cramping.

8. Homie #1 is obsessed with my lotion and got the nearly empty tub stuck on his muzzle last night.


9. And I found this in the elevator this morning. If you’re in need of some super modern and super stylish furniture, I’m sure it can be arranged.


Happy Wednesday

{MF Dre}


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