Milestone Monday.


Milestone Monday.  It’s the new thing, I promise. Self-motivated or not, I decided to keep myself accountable with a new feature on the blog… Milestone Monday… with a goal to use this time to share what I’ve accomplished, where I’m headed and keep myself honest to my ongoing list of goals.  Wonder what I’ll be able to show for this a year from now!?

2012 Miles in 2012: 99 miles down.  1913 to go.

{Yes, according to DailyMile, I’ve burned 57.16 donuts and powered 185.60 TV’s so far. Wonder how far until I make it .01 around the world!}

Do More Good: Last week I signed up to run a Virtual Half Mary to support Heather and Team Gab in raising money for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.  Double bonus on this one, my company also matched my donation for double the bang for the buck for Team Gab! And yesterday I ran the Virtual Nike+ Half Mary benefitting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I’ve planned Heather’s for the end of Feb and will run while I’m in Orlando for NBA All Star Weekend on Feb 25th. Any Orlando runners want to join me?

Stay Limber and Healthy: My left hammy’s been bugging me a bit.  I’m foam rolling like a mother, loading up on tart cherry juice and taking it back a notch in terms of speed and power to make sure it doesn’t become a major issue.   If you’re used to popping anti-inflamms for muscle aches, try swapping to Tart Cherry.  

Tart cherry juice may be a safer way to treat muscle pain and inflammation than over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen, according to researchers at Oregon Health & Science University.  A study of athletes who competed in Oregon’s Hood to Coast Relay showed runners who consumed Montmorency cherry juice for a week prior to the race and on race day reported significantly less pain than runners who received a placebo….”The bottom line is those runners who used tart cherry juice had less inflammation and faster muscle strength recovery,” said Kerry Kuehl, M.D., associate professor of medicine (health promotion and sports medicine) in the OHSU School of Medicine and the lead author on the study.

{Not convinced? Read up here}

Stay Inspired. Push the limits and boundaries of what is possible – Don’t settle for what is – particularly if I’m not happy with it.  Be the change.  Make my mark:  I don’t particularly like to discuss work here, however briefly, it was a week of change at the office and in the midst of it, I kept pushing.  I pushed for what I believe in, I pushed to make my mark and I pushed to do (and keep doing) big things.  I’m proud of this. 

Really excited to see my dear friend Sarah from College today.   Two LA Girls trying to be film & TV nerds who found one another in the middle of some horrific 4 hour lecture/discussion on some foreign film that desperately questioned our choice of major at the University of Michigan.  We spent days on end together trying to find the wins between our painfully odd classmates, animation class where we had to animate a bouncing ball to the second half of  A Day in the Life by The Beatles, cutting film strips to say we knew how to edit old-school style, and producing our own films.   To get through this, we’d begrudgingly drag ourselves to the off-campus gym on repeat Monday-Friday at 6:30 am, immediately followed by a stop in at the now-shuttered Bagel Factory for the best coffee and veggie cream cheese.  {Note: She’s made kick-butt training her life now…6:30a is probably mid-morning for here these days}.

{MF Dre}


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