DT Alert: The Sweetest Rose.


Salted Caramel. Fig Jam Swirl with Goat Cheese and Walnuts. Peanut Butter with Brownie Bites. Brown Sugar with Butter Pecan.  Kiwi Sorbet. Sound Indulgent? Not gonna lie,  they are.

These are just a few of the ridiculously.amazing flavors at Sweet Rose Creamery.

I’ve mentioned this spot before – the owners of SRC also own Milo + Olive, another one of our favs. This team only knows home runs.  SRC makes the DT list for sure.

The other night, despite the rather chilly (50’s) temperatures in LA, we had a serious craving for a little Sweet Rose.  After all, they deliver Small batches of Happiness.  We were already having a pretty good night, so we figured a little more happiness might be the cherry on top.  Lucky for us, it’s just far enough (1.7 miles each way) to make it a good walk and to justify the real deal {vs. non real deal froyo spots  Pinkberry and Yogurtland which are around the corner}.

Don’t get me wrong. Love the nrd too, but I save those for nights I don’t feel like a long walk {or better stated, when I want to plant myself on the couch for 2 uncomfortably painful but ridiculously hysterical hours watching The Bachelor – like last night}.  And by I, I truly mean just me and not the Mr.  He only goes for the real deal.

So anyway, we rallied the homies for a late night walk and waited in the line around the corner entered DT.

{no idea what the guy is doing or saying so please refocus yourself on the flavors below}

I went with the Kiwi and the Mr. dominated the Peanut Butter Brownie.  That was after tasting 90% of them. I was torn between the Salted Caramel and the Kiwi but after the walk, I was kind of craving something refreshing (plus, Runners World had just reminded me of the benefits of Winter Wonder Fruit, Kiwi, which is stocked with Vitamin C, Fiber and Bone Building Vitamin K).  We arrived at the tail end of the night, so they were out of a few flavors, but when everything is freshly made, you kind of give them a pass on running out of things by the end of the night.

Oh and I should mention, I didn’t really miss out on the Salted Caramel, we I took a pint to go.

Again not to blast FroYo, but for those of you who eschew ice cream for whatever reason you fancy, you’re missing out on the.Real.Deal.Big.Time.

So if you’re in the area, do.not.miss.it. Or better yet, just.make.the.trek.

  • Are you an Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Fan?  
  • Favorite Spot?
  • What would you get at Sweet Rose Creamery?

{MF Dre}


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