Inner Rambles of a Redhead.


Here’s a list of what’s going oninmyhead (and the net) this week.

1. Did any of you see 60 minutes on Sunday night and the really WEAK interview on Groupon CEO Andrew Mason?  Well if you missed it, you can watch the full thing here.  But i promise you won’t learn anything you didn’t know about the daily This guy summed it up well.

2. And just because I’m sure you’re curious what that daily.spam is today… You can get your VERY OWN shake weight for a whopping $12 on Groupon today.  Big ticket winner for your NY resolution {to save money, not lose weight}.

3.  This is just.plain.sick.

And you ask “What is it?”  Nope, not frosting. Not marshmallow either.  It’s mechanically separated meat.  You can kiss that McDonald’s Chicken McNugget habit goodbye.

4.  SOPA and PIPA, yep, I signed.  I wholly support putting an end to online piracy, but I don’t believe that this bill adequately considers the risk inherent in censoring individual opinions, contributions and innovation.  I’ll spare you all the rest of my SOPAbox.

5. Olympic Marathon Trials were on Saturday in Houston. Shalene Flanagan (blonde, center for you non-runners) set a new Olympic Trials record of 2:25:38 and it was only her second marathon. Crud.  I have a loooooong way to go. I’m hustling for a sub-4. Don’t judge.



6.  We’re headed to Colorado tomorrow – wheeee!  and look, there will be snow!

7. Secretly hoping that I can squeeze in a run while I’m there because its been 12 years since I’ve lived in Michigan and I kind of had a thing for running in the snow.  I know. You already know I’m crazy so this should be no surprise.  And plus, according to Ragnar


8.  and speaking of said craziness. I am building a team for Ragnar Chicago.  So far we’re a team of 4-6 looking to be 12.  I can promise we’re all rad and that sharing a van and running with us for 24 hours will be the time of your life.  Anyone interested?  I’m serious. Be serious too!

{MF Dre}

Chime In

  • What was the last thing you bought from Groupon?  Have you redeemed it yet?
  • Chicken McNugget fan ever?  Ever again?
  • Skier or Snowboarder?  Favorite Resort?




5 thoughts on “Inner Rambles of a Redhead.

  1. Jennifer Ste. Marie

    Awww… here I was thinking you had made me some strawberry salt taffy and were getting it ready to be shipped off to me…..

  2. ALH

    I almost threw up last week when i read that McDonalds Chicken Nugget article. I don’t care to read anything about Chick-Fil-A just yet. Not ready

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