DT Alert: Your Sled Awaits.


When life gives you blizzards, find your way to Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek.

On Saturday night, we got dumped on with Snow.  Blessing and a Curse. The Good News, the mountains needed a good snow.  The Bad News, we had dinner reservations 45 minutes away up in Beaver Creek, which meant one, awesome drive ahead of us.

The thought of cancelling dinner was out of the question.  Not because anyone knew what I planned because I left them completely in the dark on this one, but because the word NO does not exist in adventure.   Plus, I had really  special Birthday dinner planned for the Mr.

Unfortunately my brother was really under the weather so I gave him a bye. Driving conditions were awful, but we made it there with a few intentional e-brake slides.  {when you race cars, apparently this stuff is fun/funny}

We arrived in Beaver Creek Village and I unveiled my surprise.  Nope, we weren’t dining at the Beaver Creek Chophouse; it was just the meeting spot for this bad boy.

Our chariot sled was awaiting us to take us to dinner at Beano’s Cabin up at the peak of Beaver Creek Resort.  The Mr. and Barbie-in-Law were super surprised. Yes, we rode to Beano’s in a sled.  How do you get to dinner?

This was not my first time to Beano’s.  When I was young my family lived in Denver and we were often up in the mountains.  I can’t recall the specific occasion, but one evening the 5 of us went to Beano’s and I remember it being one of the most magical and ridiculous experiences to take a sleigh ride to dinner.  (For those of you from CA, it was probably in line with my memory of eating at Ed Debevics but for very different reasons).  Time for a repeat and a brilliant, birthday adventure.

Pulled by a Sno-Cat, which also dueled as a groomer for the runs, we were up the mountain in about 15 minutes.  It was snowing like crazy {the Blessing part} – it is way more fun to make your way up the mountain in the middle of a good snow vs. just a dark cold night.  Evidence.

We arrived and ushered into the slipper room. Yep, boots off, slippers on.

And then settled in for an incredible 5 course meal.  Aside from soup and salad, which were set, we all ordered separately for App and Entrée to see who would win the DT contest.

Winners of the night:

SOUP:  Sweet Potato Bisque with Sage (too good to not mention)

APPETIZER:  1st Place:  Trout Tartare (B-i-L)  2nd Place: “gunpowder” rubbed Buffalo Tenderloin Carpaccio (Mr.)

ENTRÉE:  1st Place:  Gingerbread Crusted Lamb Rack (theMFDre), 2nd Place: Brown Butter & Sage Scallops with toasted Hazelnuts (B-i-L)

(menu here)

After dinner and dessert, we lounged by the fire for a bit and then took the last sled down for the evening.  Our sled guide mentioned the last sled of the night is typically most fun… he was right.  Romantics and whimsy were over with.  Time for a mean snowball fight!

Right after this, he got nailed in the face.  Awesome. Way to go out with a bang snowball in your face.

{MF Dre}

  • Have you been to Beano’s?
  • What is your craziest Dinner adventure?
  • E-Brake slides – love ‘em or hate ‘em




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