Snow is for Snow Adventures Only.


Snow is for Snow Adventures Only.  That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it.  While I got seriously made fun of for saying that living in snow would ruin my shoes, I still firmly believe there are only two real ways to enjoy snow.  1. Snow Sports/Adventures 2. Inside by a Fireplace drinking a Hot Toddy.   Snow is not for commuting, working, errands and bar hopping (unless you’re coming off a day on the slopes).  Who’s with me?

Every muscle on my body killed on Sunday – even my fingers?!?!? (Again, except said runner legs). {or learn to snowboard without falling}.  But when we woke up to  a BLIZZARD on Sunday morning we were all on the same page – time to return the rental gear and pray.will.chant for the skies to clear so we could go Snowmobiling!



 The willing and praying and chanting and sun dancing worked!  Literally 10 minutes before we arrived to the Tigiwon National Forest in Vail, the skies changed, blue rolled in and it was this beautiful.

We booked a Snowmobile tour through Nova Guides which was recommended to us by a friend.  We were told that not only were the views incredible, but the guides were pretty cool and they’d let you off trail a bit if the conditions allowed for it.

Bonus: these snowmobiles had hand warmers built into the handles.  GENIUS for my extra cold digits.

We took a 2 hour, 10+ Mile Adventure track through about 2’ of fresh powder and not only was it ridiculously fun, but the views of the back bowls of Vail and the National Forest were extraordinary.

{this last one is pretty, but I won’t lie, it’s where i got stuck in deep powder and had to call in a rescue}

We Snowmobiled for about 90 minutes before we took a break for hot chocolate and snow diving

 And then took our time coming back down through the forest. 

If you’ve ever experienced one of those moments where your face feels like it is frozen in a permanent smile, this was one of those moments.  {my face might literally have been frozen too}.  I had that inner kid kind of un-contained squeal going on inside my helmet.

I often find that most of the ‘touristy’ activities wind up being overpriced and very underwhelming so I’m prone to passing on them or trying to find something much more local/unique.   In this instance, there was not a moment where I regretted my decision not to snowboard that day.  It was  We all agreed, we’d do it again without a doubt, but next time, we’d try something new and go to their primary location in Camp Hale where in addition to great trails, there are also a ton of open meadows where you can “free-mobile”.

After so many incredible adventures in one 4 day trip, we’re both ready to move back to Denver. Not sure when, but make room for us, please!

And until that point, we’ll be back for our next fix very soon.

{MF Dre}

  • Have you ever snowmobiled?
  • Do you have a favorite winter destination?

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