Can I Wear a Tux?


Time for my favorite mid-week rambling about the happenin’s

Super excited that my bestie is engaged!

2.5 years ago, “Coat Boy” hit on her by offering to hold her coat while she danced in a crowded bar. Kinda think that this falls in the same category as freaking her from behind, but it worked and I’m so super excited that she let that bad-pick-up-move slide.  Because.He.Kind.Of.Rocks. xx Jay.


In keeping with the wedding theme, another bestie {you know you have a few too} is getting married to his super fab partner. Best texts ever last week.  

and if SJP and SATC mean nothing to you {} Carrie wore a tux to Stanford and Anthony’s wedding in SATC2.  You?


It’s been a bit hard to get back into Running this week after a few days on the mountain. Maybe I’m tired or maybe I lost a little momentum, but I am refocusing to put my head back into it because I’m running IRL with Team Gab this Saturday for PCRF. Plus, looking at my race calendar for the next few months, it’s packed, so its time to get my head in the game.   If you want to join us on Saturday, sign up here. Please!


It’s sad, but it’s true…and I’m embarrassed to say, I’m G-U-I-L-T-Y.


Lastly a giveaway (not mine).  Sarah and Mizuno are giving away a pair of Wave Rider 15’s here!  Go check it out now! You (and I) want to win these – they just carried her through a kick a** fast 3:14:31 marathon.  If only….

{MF Dre}

  • Would you rock a tux?
  • Favorite Running Shoe? have you tried the Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s yet?  
  • How guilty are you in this video?  {Me = 20% Guilty}

3 thoughts on “Can I Wear a Tux?

  1. jayloy

    Other than that the words “coat” and “bar” would appear in the story, that recounting of how we met is not very accurate. Thanks for using a picture where I still have my prison ink on the cheek. I have since had that laser removed and according to the state of Illinois, am fully rehabilitated. And yes you could pull of a tux.


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