53 Miles last week. 1830 to go to hit 2012 in 2012. 

 Wow. No wonder I could not get off my foam roller last night.  Kinda killed it in terms of mileage last week.  I had all the best intentions of stopping while ahead on Sunday, but when the Mr. wanted to play volleyball (and it was a perfect 80* So Cal beach day in January), how could I pass up a jog in the sand.

I know what you’re thinking. Couldn’t you just plop yourself in the sand and relax?  Nope.  Remember I have a problem sitting and doing nothing.   On Saturday I did my run for Team Gab.  I committed to running a Half for Team Gab, but since I’m also in the midst of Marathon Training, I was due for a longer run so I put in a little extra love for Gab.

I’ll be honest, after hearing all about how great the Inagural Tinkerbell Half Marathon was at Disneyland on Sunday, I’m definitely signing up next year.


Friday night we came home and Homie #1’s front right paw was a hot mess.  He’d chewed it raw and it wasn’t pretty.  We didn’t know if he’d stepped on something, injured it playing or something else,  but we knew the Vet was about to take all our money.  {Too bad the Mouse House doesn’t offer Pet Insurance, because I’d pay.  Those Vets are}

Fast forward, he’ll be just fine.  But they want him to wear one of those collars for the next two weeks.  Not going to happen with this dog.  He somehow manages to destroy them every time.  So my cousin Abby, who is studying to be a vet, suggested we try baby socks to go on top of the wrap/meds.


And even more genius that I found a pack at Ross for $2.99 that were kinda rad. 

well, these bad boys work – and he doesn’t seem to care much that he’s got a sock on despite his

and since someone in our house can’t deal if he’s not getting attention too, they’re now both wearing a sock on their right paw.

{and yes, they say Mom}.


{MF Dre}



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