It’s a Wrap.


Holy heck January FLEW by.  It might be 80* here in So Cal, but I feel like I’m buried in an avalanche of work.  Sometimes all I need is a little reminder of the fun I’m having too to keep my chin up.

So, here are a few of my favorite moments from the past month.

In 2012 I will be a Rock(Rap)Star.

Nope, not trying to be the Biebs, but I’m proud of my goals and my ongoing commitment to make this life ridiculously great. As you might have noticed, I’m also updating each Monday to keep myself accountable to my goals.  And add new ones too! Thinking I may need a Reading Goal next. Any good book reccos?

 Out with a Bang!

Our trip to the bay area was a blast, plus I am dying to go back to Camino again.  Stat.  Thinking we’re going back up that way in March for one of the Mr’s races.  So Allison and Russ, get ready!

 The Big News!  Technik Opens Its Garage.

 The Mr. opened his own shop!  {and business is already booming!}  Reminder: theMFDre discount is still in effect through March 31st.  Don’t miss out!

 Happy Birthday Mr! 

 Snowboarding, Skating, Sledding & Snowmobiling!  So Much Fun. Repeat again next year, mkayplease?

And a few others – Running for Team Gab, Revealing all my Randoms (and so did these ladies here, here and here) Lots of LONG conversations over life and wedding planning with my best friend V and an awesome Mexican Hoedown complete with carne asada tacos and the Mr. trying to dance the mexican two-step.  {no, not really, but that video would have been priceless}

{MF Dre}

  • Any book reccos? 
  • What are your January highlights?
  • Live in LA? Need an amazing place to take your car?  Call Technik Auto

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