The Best of 29


Whoops! Sorry for those of you who got my draft notes of this post earlier!

Here are some of the best of the last 29 days! I did this in January and loved being able to look back on all of the adventures and all of the fun.

  • I got asked to be a Bridesmaid in a wedding I cannot wait for!
  • I’ve found some running friends – and I have to say running with friends is pretty nice. Last night I joined the Disney Tri Team for 6 miles, I paced a friend for 16 a few weekends ago as we both train for LA Marathon and I ran with my friend Sam and talked Charity Running a few weeks ago along the beach
  • I won this Moving Comfort sports bra at the Front Runners event – silly I know, but I never win anything! and p.s. if you friend them on FB you get inside and early access to some great deals.

  • This week we had our BIGGEST series launch ever and my team kicked some major boo-tay on it.
  • I joined Fred’s team to do.more.good, signed up for Boston and am raising as much money as I can to kick cancer in the face.
  • My Sister got Engaged!
  • I reintroduced myself to spice drops {where have you been the last few years and how did I forget about you} and since  Super excited to try to make my own with this recipe.

  • Oh and I ran a 6:45 mile – thanks Homies.
  • Tasted Devoured some Triple Layer Nirvana
  • Saw a pretty sweet exhibit at LACMA which will serve as great inspiration for the launch of one of our upcoming series.
  • I had a dance party to Rhianna’s Princess of China on replay, over and over and over, by myself.
  • I saw these guys and they were so incredibly gorgeous in person? They’re the Official Budweiser Clydesdale Horses.  Oh and PS – they had a Dalmatian riding in the truck named Bud.


  • I spent a ridiculously awesome 3 days with my brother in Orlando for NBA All Star (and got my fil of chick.fil.a)

  • Read a great and EVER.SO.TRUE. quote that’s stuck with me:

Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners. – Joe Gibbs

  • And had a lot of great laughs with the Mr. and cuddle time with my Homies

What were your highlights of 29?

{MF Dre}


I’m Reddy for a Brother in Law



Last week this happened…

My sister, Miss Kiki, is becoming a Mrs.

{Mrs. soon-to-be Kiki Doctah’ Reddy that is}

The Doctah’ proposed last Monday night and she’s been working on her finger strength reveling in engagement bliss all week.   Cheers to the incredible couple {and to the gorgeous bling too}

Doctah’, I’m Reddy for you to join the family!

It’s funny how things work out.  As my sister, brother and I dated over the years, we all went through a mix of significant and not-so-significant others. In most instances – it was my Sister or my Brother {or both} that would ever so poignantly alert me to the fact that I was dating the wrong guy. And don’t be mistaken; I repaid these moments of truth right back.  Given how different the three of us are in terms of personality and interest, I supposed that perhaps it was a bit of a stepford dream to think that they we would all wind up with partners that we’d be excited and proud to call brother and sisters–in-law.


Based on our collective dating history, I thought it might be possible that we’d have to learn to love them.
I was wrong.

I remembered that though we each express ourselves differently each and every day, we all have the same core values which we admire, respect and also expect out of the people we surround ourselves with. And sometimes, particularly in the cliché that people enter your lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime, we were merely dating people who help remind us of the things that we were missing, and thus, the things we most valued in the company that we chose.

My Brother married my amazing Barbie-in-Law in September and now my Sister is headed down the aisle with the most awesome Doctah’ whom I absolutely adore.

The fun is about to begin, helping her to plan, shop, craft, decorate, celebrate and pin – like crazy.

This family thing…it just keeps getting better.


{MF Dre}

Milestone Monday


It’s Milestone Monday. Time to check in on the goals.

• 2012 in 2012 – at this pace, this goal is mine.


• Do More Good Doing the things I Love: well, I sorta mighta kinda have signed up for another race. But this one is different – its a triathlon. I joined the Disney Tri Team to be on a relay team for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon and pull the running leg for the team. May seem like a cop out to you tri-ers but I’m interested in checking the scene out first before I leap in. Oh and the do more good part we’ll be raising money and donating blood sweat and tears for Children’s Hospital.

• Stay Inspired: I’ve reconnected with a dear old friend again, a book. It’s amazing how 2 years ago I probably read 50 books and it has taken me almost 8 months to make a dent into Shantaram. {and don’t kid yourself, Shantaram is still on the shelf collecting dust} I did pick up the Hunger Gamestrilogy though. Hey.It’s.Still.Reading.

Kinda. Sorta.


Admit it, you read them too.

{MF Dre}

East vs. West



So in the whole East vs. West bet….

{I lost}.

but I didn’t go down without a fight.  coming from 20 points behind in the 4th quarter, the East made the run at the proverbial comeback and didn’t disappoint for a second.  Thought it was hard to compete with Lob City, Kobe’s – Michael Jordan beating scoring record and MVP Kevin Durant, I still love me a little east coast nose breaking action.

My not so lil bro will now be sporting something along the lines of this – actually pretty sure he’s NBA-nerd-rocking it to the airport right now.

Pre-Game we were invited to a party at Church Street Station where all of the bars along the street were themed with drinks , apps and entertainment.

 We got to see Javier Colon from “The Voice” perform In Your Eyes  and then saw these guys, The Pentatonix, perform.  They were incredible.

The In-Game Entertainment wasn’t so bad either.

which dualed with this

We had an incredible time. So much fun to hang with my brother, watch a lot of NBA, visit the parks and party with all the ultimate fans.

Guess we missed some wardrobe malfunctions during the Oscars

What did you watch?

{MF Dre}

All Star Kind of Weekend


NBA All Star Game is tonight!  East vs. West

who are you rooting for?

I’m torn.  Home town love for Lakers and Lob City vs. Dwight, Dwayne and LBJ?

Looking forward to all all-offense game.

So far we’ve done a lot – NBA Jam Session, Celebrity Game, Rising Stars Challenge, Skills Challenge, 3-Pt Contest, Slam Dunk Contest and an after party at the House of Blues! Guess you kind of have to like basketball to enjoy this kind of weekend.

{Though based on some of the outfits and some of the women down here, you could also just be a jersey chaser}

Couple photos – Kobe, Dwight, Blake and a little Flo Rida (appropriate, no?)?  I signed the official blow up game ball an got a wee.bit.too.close…oh, and then this happened.

{Jeremy Lin’s parents on the kiss cam – and no, they did not kiss – awkward!}

Today the weather’s been icky. overcast, rainy-ish and chilly. Pretty sweet for all the princesses and fairies who ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at the crack of 5:45am dawn this morning.  SOO glad I opted out of that one after a late night last night at the House of Blues.

Anyway, rather than work on our goosebumps at the pool, we tore it up at the outlets and got some pretty great deals.

Nike, New Balance and Victorias Secret were my friends. (Yes, Victorias.Secret.Outlet- who knew??)

And I think I found my LA Marathon Skirt.

{that looks like a glowing a-ha kind of I found the skirt kind of moment, doesn’t it?}

Holy Crud, the LA Marathon is 3 Sundays from today!!!

My training plan went slightly awry  this weekend with the trip to NBA All Star.  I mean, who really plans on doing a 20 miler after late nights and when your brother that you don’t get to see that often is with you.  Probably rather do what you can than spend your life  entire morning running, stretching, ice bathing etc.  So yesterday I got in 14 miles in 2 hours – he slept through most of it anyway and it didn’t get in the way of our day at Epcot.  Today I logged about 8 between warm-up, run and cool down. Super easy relaxed pace, but all on a hill.   Pushing my last 20 miler until next week and then will have 2 weeks to taper down.  Hope that’s enough rest time.

Off to the All Star Game

Go West. er. Go East.


{MF Dre}

Rookies vs. Silver Stars


Who’s winning this matchup?



Last night the rookies and the Orlando Magic Silver Stars dance team took to the courts.

Gotta admit, the silver stars kinda kicked some silver tail. But I would have given them a few more points had they been wearing these.


What do you think?

Time for a little dunk contest action.

{MF Dre}



I soared across the country to meet this guy

For NBA All Star Weekend.

Being that the Mr. is my lil’ bro gladly hoarded accepted my +1 invite to head down to Orlando for all of the festivities this weekend.

Plane rides to Orlando are never my favorite. Even working for the mouse and being a proponent of the the whole – hey I gotta make a dime too – there is never a quiet and peaceful flight to Orlando.

Especially when you add this to the mix.


Followed by this….

I’m telling you. From behind, it made your vision even blurrier.

Anyway, we hit up a bit of the Celebrity Game and the Rising Stars Challenge. More to come on that. I have quite the video coming.

For now, we’re at Epcot. Doing a little of this

{Mission Space}

And a little of this



Arguably my our favorite ride ever.

And if you’ve never been on Soarin’,

{MF Dre}

  • What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland or Disney World?
  • Amber Rose – what’s she famous for again?  Just being Kanye’s girlfriend?