Super Bowl Sunday: Darth Vader vs. Bolt.


It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I feel pretty darn ambivalent about the game.  I should want the Patriots to win because Tom Brady was our Michigan QB and I should want the Giants to win because my Dad’s rooted for them since before I was in the womb, but nope, neither team is really blowing my skirt up this weekend.

You can’t keep me away from the food, friends and commercials {and in a totally uncharacteristic for me , yes, today the couch too}. After yesterdays 20 miler and this morning’s 4.5 mile shake-out run I’m pretty sure I’m hoping to get crowned Queen of the Couch today.

So the question is not Pats vs. Giants (except in this little Super Bowl running challenge I’m doing to keep the training fun and interesting. For the record, I’m on the hook for Miles if the Patriots lose), and it’s certainly not Eli vs. Brady for me, the question is really

Darth vs. Bolt?

{MF Dre}

  • What do you think Darth Vader or Bolt?  Was VW’s commercial better last year or this year?
  • How do you keep your training fun? 




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