Wednesday Rambles.


In a strained effort to get through hump day, I usually feel like Wednesday is a blur of rambles.  No exception today.

The Mr. and I went out to celebrate some good news last night.  He planned on somewhere fancy and when I got home, all I wanted was TnT.  Yes, Tequila and Tacos. Stayin’ classy.  So we went to Casa Linda for corn tortillas filled with heaven.  And.a.vat.of.guacamole.

They don’t serve alcohol there so he also handed me a red cup with tequila to go. {Along the lines of staying classy, maybe this is the tattoo I’ll finally commit to}.

Do you Pin?  I joined Pinterest last April and have made this, this, this, this, this, this and this. But I kind of forgot about it after a bit.  Now that it is apparently the Fastest growing site EVER and all of you are starting to follow me, maybe I’ll re-obsess over Pinterest again.

I also have a resume that looks like this. But I am not sure I’d ever apply for the job that would actually appreciate it.

Looking for a new Marathon shoe.  I’ve abandoned the Asics Gel Kayanos (too heavy) and the New Balance 890’s (fall apart and don’t hold the 350-400 miles I need out of shoes).  Wear the New Balance 1400 Racing Flat and Saucony Kinvara 2 for shorter distance mid-week runs.

Yoga Hop Yoga Hop Yoga Hop tonight.  Hoping that after a sweaty 40 minutes of mashups – both the music kind and the body kind, Matthew might play this for a little cool down. Seeing as we didn’t really get the storm of the year yesterday, a little Purple Rain might be nice.

{MF Dre}

  • Do you have a favorite longer distance-but-not-too-heavy running shoe? 
  • Are you on Pinterest?  Do you know any men that Pin? Seems so girl to me.


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