Donations via Flirt Cam.


Thank you! I’ve received such an outpouring of support over the last day for Fred’s Team and I am honored and humbled to represent and fight for all of you, your friends and your loved ones that have suffered.  I’ve included a banner on the right here that will link you directly to my page.


It’s Friday!  The Mr’s on his way to Vegas for the night and we made a deal – you flirt, you donate $500 per woman. So, depending on how much money he wants to fork over for Fred’s Team, he’s either going to be really good, or really flirty.  I super glued a go-pro to his head so that I can adequately monetize his flirtations donations.


Meanwhile, I’ve got a super fancy and incredibly wild night planned watching Bridesmaids on the couch with the Homies and drinking wine.  Sounds way.more.fabulous than a night in Vegas.


{MF Dre}


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