Hearts and Forks.


Weekend things That Rocked.  Weekend Things to Throw Forks At.

Friday afternoon I went to LACMA and saw the Metropolis II exhibit.

Metropolis II is an intense and a complex kinetic sculpture, modeled after a fast paced, frenetic modern city. Steel beams form an eclectic grid interwoven with an elaborate system of 18 roadways, including one 6 lane freeway, and HO scale train tracks. Miniature cars speed through the city at 240 scale miles per hour; every hour, the equivalent of approximately 100,000 cars circulate through the dense network of buildings
Lets just call it art imitating MY life.  or my daily commute to work {except.for.that.240mph – more like 10}.
Followed by a chick-ish flick Movie Marathon.  One rocked. One forked. Strangely the one I thought I’d love was the one I could barely sit through.
Sorry, Bridesmaids, you have nothing on Knocked Up  or The 40-Year Old Virgin.
Good thing a well stirred hibiscus margarita saves any bad movie.
{MF Dre}


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