Milestone Monday.


  • Sat: 20 miles in 2:53 (8:35 min/mile avg. pace). Sub-4 Here.I.Come.
  • 289 total miles this year – at this race, I am going to kill 2012 miles in 2012!
  • 3 marathons on the race calendar (come on NYC lottery – make it 4)
  • $3250.00 raised for Fred’s Team and Cancer Research so far!  Help me get to $5k! (strangely the go-pro didn’t net any donations…)
  • Raced for Team Gab and Sherry over the last two weeks.  Recaps coming soon.
  • Haven’t picked up that Guitar yet…but I did dust it.  Small steps.
  • Thinking about hosting a Blog Bake Sale – thoughts? Tina did a few for her Team in Training fundraising.  Baking to Raise Money? Seems like a good way to do what I love to do more good.

If I were to host a Blog Bake Sale to raise money for Fred’s Team, would you be interested in participating?  I’d love your feedback!

{MF Dre}



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